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how can i save an irregular shape image in photoshop?

i want to know how can i save an image i made with Photoshop with irregular shape or even a round shape image without the white background of the canvas. .

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  • Tanja
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    10 years ago
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    The best way is to add a clipping path, then when you place the image in another program/document it will not display the white square for the background.

    There are some file formats that will allow the transparent background but these will limit your options for using the file, especially if this is for print as they do not support all colour modes you might want to use.

    To add a clipping path, select all the white background using Magic Wand tool, go to Select>Inverse.

    Click on the Paths palette (you'll find it under the Window menu item if it is not opened) and from the palette menu options select Make Work Path. Enter a tolerance (I usually use 0.5).

    Double click on the Work Path to name it, the default Path 1 is fine.

    From the palette's menu options select Clipping Path and select the newly named Path 1.

    Save your file in your preferred format.

  • B K
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    10 years ago

    Just erase the white background to make it transparent, save it as a png or gif

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