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how much do i have to pay for the business permit/mayors permit of a lotto outlet in the philippines?

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    I was just there for 3 months and the problem with opening a business is people dont have money to spend! they buy what they need so scratch off fast foods, coffee shops, bars or pubs, entertainment establishments.. all that is not good! think transportation, export not import, farming, breeding, if you want retail make sure you sell items that people need like soap and shampoo... you can buy a jeepney and run that but the max profit is around 500P a day after gas! i have two friends that have jeepneys.. the filipinos are very smart people and they can make anything from nothing! guns, mufflers, cars, trucks, and they may look poor to you but many or not as poor as they live, thats the culture .. farming is the best, you grow and harvest and sell all in one lump but the profits are low! my wife has 4 hecters of rice fields and she harvest twice a year, its alot of work and her profit is around $2000.00 a year, so if you want to sit pretty you need about 40 hectors and the cost is a round $30,000 each hector.. the cost of living is very low there and so if your profit! go open a business in Singapore and your better off! GOOD LUCK! by the way a jeepney driver I knew cut off a tricycle and the driver got angry and shot the jeepney driver in the head three times, this happened 3 weeks ago in Cabanatuan.. you will get robbed there and your house will get broken into if your wealthy! you need to be married to a filipino family and live in there compound to be safe!

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