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Are there any foreigners want to put a business in the Philippines?

Are there any foreigners want to put a business in the Philippines?

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    Of course there are a lot of foreigners who want to put up their businesses here.

    Very cheap capital and labor cost.

    Even my boss is not a Filipino..

    The reason why independant had that problem was because he chose the wrong people.

    Business requires careful scrutiny of people before hiring.. Unless you pay really low, you have the right to choose the best employees for your own business.

    And if your business were all LEGAL, nobody could even collect anything ridiculous from your


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  • Big B
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    9 years ago

    Depends on the business.

    Something small like a Internet cafe or sari store that you could leave to close TRUSTED relatives wouldnt be a bad idea.

    But any business that requires hiring more than 5 staff and large amounts of capital -, is something that i would be wary of

    Some of the horror stories that i have heard from some foreigners who have run a business in pi are incredible. Some foreigners have made some successes from it. But the amount of corruption and extortion to anyone that has money is what kills business in pi.

    Having money in pi is a curse.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    This is about as honest as I can be as a Foreigner.

    Yes, many of us would LIKE to run a business there.

    We do not for the reason that the officials there target us for fees and ridiculous permits and charges to do the business.

    On top of that, unless you are there every minute in person, the staff seem to think it is an opportunity to steal everything.

    Sorry,but thats the blunt hard truth.

    You know yourself, a foreigner is a target. But as a boss or business owner???Are just seen as an easy person to rip off.

    Why do I say this ?? I have tried business there and been ripped off and stolen from and so have other foriegners I met there.

    The Phils lifestyle is grab a peso--any way you can, any time time you can.

    I honestly think you have been so corrupt for so long--you yourselves think it is normal.

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  • 9 years ago

    Every foreigner that retires here wants to do that 99% of them are soon cured of that habit. LOL

    Even IF they are successful a politician will come by & say I want to go in business you meaning he wants your money for doing nothing - do it or else!

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  • 9 years ago

    Yes, and there are actually foreign-owned businesses. Sometimes, they use Filipino dummies when they are expressly prohibited by law from engaging in certain business types.

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  • lolit
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    9 years ago


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