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Ref.: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=201102...

1) Referring to the above link, I also presented the answer; however asker adjusted BA for the other, which I have no grievance. To add, I also opine it deserves, since it has been elaborated with more steps.

2) However in no way my steps as well the answer is wrong. Then why it should receive two TD?

3) I wish someone to explain me on this.

4) Please do not say it is fun; all genuine contributors should seriously think of such TD marking. Every contributor does service for no cost. Hence, such markings will only keep away many contributors from participating in this forum.

5) Why in such extreme cases, Yahoo should not evolve a system of giving option to the concerned contributor to delete his/her answer.


TD can be replaced with 'Comments; column; where the contributors, may write their remarks of disagree or agree with reasons,

Update 2:

@ Caps Lock FTW

I appreciate your frankness in declaring marking of TD. However my comments are:

i) Contributors answering are expected to provide guidance and none of them are competing to exhibit their skill.

ii) If in any case, the asker is not clear, he/she may seek the clarifications; adding they have the prerogative of awarding BA.

iii) It is a general understanding that BA may be given if and only if:

- The explanation is against the established theories.

-Wrong steps [Please note not insufficient steps]

- Wrong answer

iv) My explanation provided does not come under any of the categories explained above, It should be a valid reason for Yahoo Board to consider of replacing TD with comment column.

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    It looks fine so there really wasn't a valid reason

    It happens to all of us at sometime, i get them all the time.

    Thumbs down should just be stopped as they are one of the most abused features on here and really mean nothing.

    The Answers Team has said (some time ago) that they were changing the thumbs system but did not indicate how or when that would happen.

    The original purpose of giving them has been lost which was to indicate a wrong answer, and now they are mostly something trolls like to do and users that disagree with the answer..

    There is no rhyme or reason where the thumbs are concerned, some will give a thumbs up if there is already one BUT then there are the thumbs down trolls that give a thumbs down every answer just because they think it's funny.

    The thumbs down mean nothing point wise. You get points on a thumbs up if your answer is chosen as best ---- up to a total of 50.

    Thumbs down should just be ignored even though they are irritating at times..Simple minds require simple pleasures and giving thumbs down makes them happy, pathetic but true.

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    How can you assume that you need to write something wrong to get td's or even that a BA guarantees your answer makes sense? Did you just land on this site?

    You have to live with the current state of things and answer only the q's which amuse you. Then the fun you have will be worth way more than 10 pts.

    If you want to answer to help coz of kind heart or what not, just do some preliminary checkings. Does the asker keep his activity private? Then stay away. If not how many asked questions are still in voting after 3 months and stuff like this. When you have done this screening, random td's should become scarce.

    Edit: Ok previous answerer gives me more to say. The less you say, the better it is. More steps means serving baby food. If the asker is not convinced, he can always ask for more. But not vv.

    You often get BA's for answers with zillions of unnecessary steps. To confuse clarity with number of steps seems to be a popular disease.

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    In case you recieved TDs due to genuine reasons, it might be because:

    * Some one is not satsified with your answer

    * Some one thinks that your answer is not correct/eloberate


    There are few trolls (psychos) here whose main objective is to pass time!!

    But, how to pass time?

    Few of them use to study answers and if they do not agree or feel something irritating, they will award a TD.

    But, a vast majority of them....

    They do not like to read....

    All the fun they have is in making others have some pain....

    Thus, their aim is to give TDs only!!

    Else, there is one more source of Thumbs Down...

    Enemies (as they see you)!!


    They are either being given intentionally to hurt you or unintentionally for fun!!

    You have just got 2 TDs..

    Please cheer up !!!!

    You will absolutely laugh if you see TDs received by me and for what reasons I recieved!!


    Yahoo allows you to delete your answer at any instance when the Question is open!!

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    It is perfect and I gave TU. Sometimes it happens. May be failure to understand the steps. There are participants who fail to understand steps unless written in great detail and give TD. I too get such TDs. Whenever I get TD, I recheck my answer and if an error is found correct the same with thanks to TD. But sometimes unjustified TDs are there and that is when we become helpless. Do not give any importance to such TDs. At least they are much less than in other sections like religion and culture.

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    I thumbed the answer down because the explanation was insufficient.

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