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Does an indoor cat still need vacinnations?

This is a question for my friend. He and his mother have a cat in their house which doesn't go out. They take him to the vet for the up to date jabs. My friend wants to know if it necessary if the cat doesn't go out doors. What are these jabs for?

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    Vaccinations have multiple purposes. First, they help protect an animal from certain diseases which could be life threatening. It is possible for a pet to get these diseases even if they do not go outdoors but the family does. Second, by vaccinating large numbers of animals we help to keep the incidence of the problem disease low because we have a protected population of animals. It is always prudent to discuss with the veterinarian what vaccines are being given and why the cat needs them and how often they need to be repeated.

  • Zarn
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    Yes, vaccinations are important for the health of the cat as well. It can still be exposed to various pathogens, even if it doesn't leave the house - even if you're at home all the time, you can still get sick. Same goes for cats, or any other living animal for that matter. Sure, they're less important when the cat doesn't go outside, but they're still important. I think I'll leave it for the vet to explain exactly what the jabs are for - I'm not familiar with feline vaccinations.

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    Vaccinations are important for several reasons. Rabies vaccination is legally required in many places (it is here in NY). Even indoor cats can get out and come in contact with infected animals, so a distemper shot is a must. If you have or will get other animals, then you'll want your cat to be fully immunized. If I wasn't a foster mom I wouldn't vaccinate for FeLV since all my cats are indoor only, but I don't want to take the chance of infection even though the foster kittens are tested and are kept in a separate room. Your vet is the best person to tell you what, if any, vaccines your cat needs.

    Source(s): 40 years of being owned by cats and 30 years of fostering kittens
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    There are mixed feeling on vaccinating indoor cats. Young kittens should always be vaccinated. If there is a rabies vaccination law where you're from, the cat needs to have it. As far as a full battery of shots (FIV/FeLV, etc), the owner should keep in mind they can bring diseases inside to their cats if they pet an infected cat or get the bacteria/germs on their clothing. Basically, after initial kittens shots and abiding with the law, it's up to the owner and their vet. I frequently take care of strays so mine all get vaccinated regularly.

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    Yes it is necessay even if their cats do not leave the confines of their homes.

    We come into contact and carry things in on our shoes, hands, other pets, etc, therefore your pets need to be vaccinated against anything that could be harmful to them.

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