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[ramadan] Why do I keep dong this.....?

When there's like 2 hours till the next prayer I'm extremely sleepy so i set my alarm clock to wake up but this is the 3rd time in a row i turn it off and go to sleep (in my sleep) and when i wake up i don't remember ever turning it off like i do it while i'm still sleeping n end up missing my prayers..


Spiderman- i do it WHILE i am asleep, i dun 'rest' n wake up to turn it off to go back to sleep n sometimes when u're so tired that u can't keep ur eyes open there's no way u can stay up for 2-3 hours..

Update 2:

Why is this so hard to understand?? I don't ever "wake up" .. It's not on purpose or me trying to get 5 more mins of sleep.. I do it while i am dead asleep, goshhh..

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    Salam Alaikum,

    rest a while longer, don't be so hard on yourself

    you "But I want to pray"

    rest some you can do it later

    you "Why do you bother me everytime I want to read the quran or pray or mention Allah?"

    rest now, we can talk about all that later

    you"I have to prepare for my goals and my life and afterlife"

    you are still young, enjoy song, and watch tv, do the things you love, don't worry about Allah he is forgiving he will forgive you always

    you"but Allah did not say that, I have the words of the Rasool SAW, and Imam Hanafi R.a."

    his words calling me to the Sunnah are KILLING ME!

    that is the shytan talking!

    Source(s): edit: When you are in the guidance Allah SWT and his Angels wake you up. Something is not right in the house. KHair inshAllah seek an Imam Edit: I already told you the answer, something is not set right in the house for the Angels to come wake you up as they do all Mummineen. @Omar, I didn't blame shytan, I said that is what he says... it is fools like you that listen to him and defend him moron! Omar you are going to burn in hell, you already know that because you left the order of Allah as a Muslim. So why are you here, if you already know your place in the afterlife.... go live it up stupid! LOL While you can! :)
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    Shytaan is up nobodies a*s. Humans have feelings,they find things boring and enthusiastic.

    If you were meeting you girl/boyfriend,you would not have turned it off and gone back to sleep,because it would have been exciting.Or if you were going on an exciting trip you'd have jumped up and out of bed.

    You need your sleep so you can function normally during the day.

    Stop blaming shaytaan,repetitive boring rituals take second priority.

    Source(s): truth speaks for where did I learn this < from. lol
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    Well , that's kind of a natural thing . I do that too , but what I think you should do is , you should use your phone alarm ,. and before you go to bed . you set the phone to LOUD then you put an annoying song for the alarm . :D . it does help .

    Source(s): experience
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    That could be that you be so tired are not you? That could be missing your prayer. You better grab a mobile phone and set an alarm then put it under your pillow but use vibrate alarm so you will wake up if the phone is vibrate ok. In ramadan time so I was set vibrate in the phone and put it under my pillow because I can't hear the alarms because I am deaf so I do prefer vibrate mobile phone.

    * why do ppl td me for? I didn't even say anything wrong am I?*

    @ Jinn - Thank Jinn for put tu for me and also I put tu of your too. I will put tu for you ok. : ) OMG how do I get 7 tu? I felt ppl feel bad for me lols.. Aw thank brothers and sisters love you all : )

    @ Jinn - please check out my email that I have send to ya. : )

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    kawa ska no khoob ba na darzee

    well this is just shetan but u have to fight like a brave pushtoon woman then everything will b fine inshlah

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