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what are good things to ship from the Philippines to USA?

except for drugs and tobacco.. =)

me and my friend across the globe wants to create a little money..can anyone help us? thank.. =)


except also for prostitutes... XD

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    If you have friends in several different parts of the world, particularly in exotic cultures; have them take digital photographs of the fashions that they see on the street. Compose a portfolio of these street scenes and approach fashion companies in New York and Milano to sell a subscription to monthly or more frequent surveys of what's seen on the streets in these locales. Traditionally these fashion companies would send a person traveling to all sorts of exotic locations to collect such a portfolio of photographs from which they try to find inspirations and guidance for their fashion lines.

    Another novelty product would be fake gold bars, preferably gold plated tungsten as that would be the same weight as gold. Of course, you'll have to make it clear that they're novelty products to stay out of trouble.

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    For low weight high value goods from the Philippines you can consider the following:

    South Sea Pearls

    Fashion Jewelry made from sea shells

    You might as well look into Rattan Furniture. These are like wicker type furniture. There are very beautiful designs coming out of Philippine Rattan Furniture makers. You would have to ship this by sea cargo to make it economical.

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    Filipinos abroad would like to see and definitely buy philippine made or grown food products like dried fish, fish sauce, philippine vegetables, mangoes, bananas, pineapples and other exotic fruits from the country. also a lot of philippine foods are now being canned and exported to countries where Filipino presence is prevalent and these are actually being sought after because most of these people definitely missed these foods but don't have time to prepare themselves. other good products would be handicrafts, clothing materials made from local exotic plants, scented/crafted candles, even tee shirts adorned wtih philippine iconic places, events,animals, etc....better still, get suggestions if you have relative and friends in the philippines, if none, better visit the country and see for yourself. i hope i was of help. all the best.

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    Spring rolls and sex slaves

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