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I really need some advice!!?

I hope this will not be too long but, I want to give you the facts so that any advice that's given is given with accurate information. I have two vehicles. My daughter has recently moved to my state and has no transportation. In our area, there are no buses etc., it's a rural area. I loaned her my car. I told her I did not want her going all over with the car. It was to be used for things like doctors visits, emergencies, grocery shopping etc. She takes the car all over the country side for any reason or anything she feels like doing. She has put tons of miles on the car, got hit by a deer, ran up over an embankment, tore up the whole side of the car, crinkled the hood, pushed the radiator all out of wack which caused water hoses to break etc, got scrapes and scratches all over the car. I told her that when she took the car it had a new paint job and there were NO scratches dents or anything on the car. She told me it was normal wear and tear and she couldn't help it of someone else did something to the car in a parking lot ...it wasn't her fault. I told her she had to pay to have all the body work that needed to be done on the car. She doesn't think she should have to pay for every dent scrape or scratch.

I don't want to be a b**** but, I feel she should be responsible for the damage sustained while the car was in her possession. By the way, I only have liability insurance on the car. Now, she and her boyfriend are talking about buying a car and I felt that if they could afford to buy a car they should repair mine first. I feel that they'll get a car and the heck with 'granny'.

Am I being unreasonable? I have talked to them but, I want to know what you would DO and SAY in this situation. I'm torn between being a b***ch and a tr**k!

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  • mark r
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    If everything is as you describe it. Take the car away from her until she pays for most of the damages. Come to an agreement. Normal wear and tear is one thing, being hit by a deer and running up over an embankment when she broke your rule of not using the car only for emergencies is another. You could have just as easily taken her where she wanted to go.

    I am currently paying a car note on a car that I cannot use because I cannot afford insurance. It is called responsibility.

    Time for her to grow up, Josa...and time for you to get out of her way.

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    I believe that your daughter and her boyfriend should be responsible for the damages but since you are her mother unfortunately the kids feel they don't owe anything back.. Like when I wanted an atari my mom wanted me to pay her back even though I was a child whenever I got the money.. Of course that never happened.. Maybe you can stay on good graces with your daughter, they go ahead and get another car so no more damages arre done to yours and make an agreement for monthly payments from them for the damages.. God only knows how long it will take to get you paid back.. if they ever have to borrow the car again I would require them to get full coverage on it..

  • ziggy
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    You need to think back a bit to when you borrowed the car to your daughter.....or even earlier. Have you known her to be a responsible person before this time? If not, maybe you borrowed the car out of the kindness of your heart, blocking the reality of her true self. I think its reasonable to feel she should pay you back. In all likelihood, seeing she didn't take care of damages when they first occurred, as a responsible person would, she's wasn't feeling a need to be responsible then and doesn't now. She will do what she can to get out of repairing your car or replacing it. In that case you could take her to small claims court and/or take this as a lesson learned. Protect your stuff. Your daughter is an irresponsible person. She ran your car into the ground.

  • Anonymous
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    No you are not being unreasonable, your daughter has taken advantage of your generosity. Now legally speaking you made a contract with your daughter that she could drive the car as long as it was for certain short trip things. She broke that agreement and you have a right to have your car's damages payed back to you. Don't feel bad for asking for something that your daughter should compensate for. If she is mad at you it is because she is being immature. However its best to approach this matter as politely as possible. Good Luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    She has a legal responsibility to pay for any damages that occur to the car while it is in her possession. That's not normal wear and tear, sounds like she's tore the heck out of that car. I would say you are being reasonable and I would think that you have legal options in the matter.

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