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Dog licking paws and nibbling legs?

We're looking after someone's dog while owners are on holiday. She's got slightly sensitive skin anyway so I'm careful of chemicals etc around the house in case she's allergic, but she keeps nibbling and licking her paws and legs and making them very pink and sore-looking. Any ideas why she would do this or how to stop her from damaging herself. As I say, she's clean, de-flea-ed and the carpets are clean without any carpet stuff on them and I'm not using any room deodorizers. In addition, her coat is nice and shiny, no skin diseases or rashes anywhere on her - just these pink feet. Any help at all would be appreciated as we have her for another week and I want her to be happy.

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    She's showing signs of allergy to something.

    Have you checked her ears?

    You can try half white vinegar, half water and dip her feet into it. Allow to dry, do it twice a day.

    If she licks it off it's harmless. In fact, it's good for her.

    Give her some plain, natural yogurt to eat. 2 tablespoons a day.

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    If everything possible has been done then it is boredom or nervousness. A lot of dogs do that too. Some owners put a lampshade on the dog so that it couldh't lick the paws. If it gets that bad, maybe a lampshade is the answer. Does she like playing with you?

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    As former vet tech, this sound like some type of allergy. You need to get her to the vet. Most likely he/she will put her on an antibiotic and prednisone. Often times they cause an infection to start up because of the constant licking. The pred will stop the need to itch which is why she is licking herself she itches and the licking makes it feel better. I have a Great Pyrenees who does this towards the end of the summer on his underside, hot spots make them lick and then it turns bright red and becomes infected because of constant licking. You need to call the vet they will be able to put a stop to it.

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    She has allergies, take her to the vet and get an allergy medicine. My dog did this, and had to be put on fish oil to combat skin problems and allergy medicine for her allergies. It helped, and 1 round was all she needed. I'm sure we will have this problem again in the spring, if so back to the vet for more allergy pills.

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    I once tried to wash my grans dog in the bath

    i didnt do it right ( get rid of all the doggy shampoo) and she spent the day scratching and biting herself

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    You can go to pet smart and get your dog tranning and it helps for us they teech the dogs to seat and not do what you say then put them in training at pet smart

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