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Concerning euthanasia of a cat, what do you consider the best method?

I was speaking with a friend of mine the other day, and he told me he had his sick elderly cat euthanized. I thought he took his pet to a veterinarian, but he said he had a friend come to the house with CO2. I was shocked, because I live in New York State, and here it is illegal to use any gas to euthanize a mammal. The animal has to be sedated, and then a lethal dose of sodium pentobarbital is administered. I told him that, and he just scoffed at me. I told him that rather than CO2, which is just another form of asphyxiation, shooting the animal would have been more humane. So, what are your thoughts? Is CO2 more humane than shooting the animal? (I believe the only reason he had his friend come over was to avoid paying vet bills).

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    Yes, a shot to the head is much more humane than gas. I would check with your laws and see. Some states it's a felony to kill a cat unless done by a vet. It's that way here in Illinois. Now there have been a couple of times I have had to shoot one of my cats because they were attacked by a coyote and tore up beyond repair. At times like this it's much more humane to put them down than it is to prolong the death by taking them 20 miles to a vet. I have 33 cats here on the farm. 28 live in my barns and 5 in the house.(very big house, 4700 square feet) Have plenty of room for them. What your friend has done was cruel and the cat died a slow death in fear. He/she didn't know what was happening to him/her but lived long enough to be afraid of what was happening. Think about it. Dieing slow, having problems breathing until you pass out. The fear level will be high weather you're an animal or a human.

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    take to vet

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