What is a bear's natural habitat?

Be specific.


Ah, that might explain why he's so cranky all the time, Heather.

Nope, no correct answers yet, although I like the Vatican one. Kinky! (no points for a correct ID of the movie reference there, as it's too easy).

Update 2:

Well, that was quick - you pollsters are a fast bunch. The correct answer, of course, is: "A Studebaker", which nobody managed to get, but in the interests of encouraging thoughtful responses, I'll give the points to "no stupid answers" for his intellectually stimulating guess.

Update 3:

That would be "no stupid questions here", I meant - a delightfully optimistic appraisal.

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    The Vatican. The Pope lives in the woods.

  • 6 years ago

    Polar bears: the Arctic. Due to climate change and melting ice, they may go extinct. Polar bears migrate yearly to Churchill, Northern Manitoba.

    Spirit bears: British Columbia, near the Rockies. A cross between Grizzly and Polar bears.

    Grizzly bears: Western Canada/Northern Ontario; near areas that the salmon migrate. Usually in wooded areas.

    Spectacled bear: The rainforest (the Amazon, I think)

    I could go on, but I don't really want to, BUT;

    Whinnie the Pooh: The Hundred Acre Woods. A story book character. Loves honey; he lives in a tree that has a sign on it that reads "Mr. Saunders". (He might just be a stuffed toy brought to life by Christopher Robin)

  • 1 decade ago

    It varies from bear to bear. Brown bears live in cool forested regions such as Canada or Alaska, and sometimes Northern US. Polar bears of course like arctic climates. Panda bears live in the mountain-jungle regions of Asia.

    If you were more specific about what type of bear you're talking about, I could give a more specific answer.

  • 1 decade ago

    There's a bear living in my linen closet.

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  • 1 decade ago

    In yo' papa's ***! Zing!

    (I'm sorry, I hope I didn't hurt your feelings.)

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    1 decade ago

    well it depends....

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