what are the parts of skeletal system of the frog?

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    The image in the link below shows you the skeletal system of the frog. Hope this helps.

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    Frog Parts Labeled

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    Premaxilla-are small bones at the anterior most part. It is surrounded by maxilla.

    Maxilla-are elongated V-shaped tooth with bone having a long process that extends to the nasal capsule.

    Nasal Bones-are triangular in shape. It is located posterior to the premaxilla.

    Sphenethmoid-also called as mesethmoid is the frontal part of the braincase. Dorsally, it looks like a small circular area at the junction between the nasal and the fronto-parietal bones.

    Fronto-parietal bones-are paired elongated flat bones posterior to the nasal and are surrounded at its back by otic capsule.

    Prootic bones-are found at the lateral to the posterior part of the fronto-parietal bones.

    Squamosal bones-are the hammer-shaped bones that form the wall of the orbit.

    Foramen magnum-is the opening at the ossified posterior end of the occipital region for the passage of the spinal cord.

    Occipital bone-is the bone that occupies the rear end of the skull. It lines the foramen magnum.


    Vomer bone-is located at the center of the skull. It bears the vomerine teeth.

    Prootic bone-is a pair of bones at the anteroventral wall of the otic capsule.

    Parasphenoid bone-is the bone located ventral to the fronto-parietal bone. It is shaped like a dagger. It forms the floor of the cranium and the ventral wall of the otic capsule.

    Palatine bone-is a pair of the triangular bones. It originates from the maxillary arch.

    Pterygoid bone-is a three-layered bone. It is attached to the maxilla, prootic, and squamosal.


    Mento-meckelian part-bone that can be seen only at the anterior part of the jaw.

    Dentary portion-a dental bone characterized by the absence of teeth.

    Angulo-splenial-another dermal bone whose rear end is in contact with the posterior arm of the pterygoid.

    HYOID APPARATUS-is the cartilaginous part of the skull which is divided into five parts:

    Central flat cartilage-is the body of the hyoid apparatus.

    Horns-are paired horns located at the anterior portion (also called as cornua).

    Paired posterior horns

    Alary processes-are the only bony parts of the hyoid apparatus.

    Thyroid processes-are the attachment of the larynx.

    Pectoral girdle-is the U-shaped framework of the thorax.

    Pectoral-refers to the upper thoracic region of the body.

    Source(s): 3rd year high school student of zoology hand out given by my zoology teacher
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    Thankyou everyone for all the answers!

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    Was wondering the same question

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