Contact lenses worn during sleep?

Has anyone tried these for correction of vision during the daytime? If so, how were they and were they expensive - and did they work successfully? I asked this question elsewhere on Answers and got Zilch - so I thought the all-knowing, all-wise Seniors would be bound to have an answer for me.


Thanks for answers so far. I knew I could rely on the Seniors for some feedback. No, these are not normal contact lenses which I've got already and take out at night. These are specifically to alter the shape of your eye during sleep and you whip them out in the morning to clear vision.....or so they say. I just wanted to find someone who had actually used them and what they are like. I think it's a fairly new concept. Thanks again for all the answers.

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    Hello: I believe this is a contact lens fitting called Ortho K. You wear the lenses overnight, during sleep and do not wear them during the day. The lens is designed to reshape the cornea to achieve clearer vision. Once you have established a routine you may not have to wear them every night. This procedure does require supervision but can be quite successful if followed properly and monitored by an optometrist (also not cheap|. The premise of the contact lens fitting is that wearing the lenses during sleep (hard lenses) will alter the shape of your cornea, thus correcting your vision. It is an interesting alternative to wearing glasses, contact lenses etc. but must be monitored by an optometrist to achieve the best results.

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    I did a little research and here's what I found:

    Extended wear contact lenses may be the right option for you if you would like to wake up each day with clear vision.

    Contact lenses are available for two different wear schedules:

    daily wear (you remove them before sleeping)

    extended wear (you leave them in overnight)

    In the United States, the FDA has approved some contact lenses for daily wear only and others for extended wear. Extended wear lenses allow more oxygen to reach your cornea.

    Most extended wear lenses are FDA-approved to be worn without removal for up to seven days. A newer type of soft contact lens material, silicone hydrogel, is considered "super-permeable," and some lenses made from this material are approved for up to 30 days of wear without removal.

    Also, some gas permeable lenses can be worn for up to a month at a time. This 30-day type of extended wear lens sometimes is called "continuous wear."

    After recent improvements in design and materials, these lenses now can be worn safely for the full 30 days for those who can tolerate them. Even if you don't feel comfortable wearing the lenses for the full time period, you still can change them out at extended wear intervals that best suit you.

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    Do you mean lazer eye surgery or actual contact lenses?

    I pay £44 for a month to have daily contacts, you never wear them at night (same with any contacts) as there is no need to. I love them i can't imagine not wearing them anymore.

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    I used to have contacts but not those kind. The bacteria can build up in them too fast, I think I'd still take them out at night and clean them. I love contacts and hate glasses, but my eyes are too dry for contacts now. I wonder if it was from years of wearing them. I did fall asleep with them in a few times and they were all foggy when I woke up so I learned to take them out.

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    I wore contact lenses back in the day when they were still made of glass. One of them scratched a cornea and I never wore them again. I never wore them during sleep. I seem to remember being told not to, although that may have changed since then.

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