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how to tell if my nike bag is fake?

i bought a brand new nike bag in ebay and the seller had many positive reviews. the seller was in asia and when i got my bag, it said it was made in china. does that automatically mean my nike bag is fake? how can i tell?

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    While most of what Nike makes does come from China, most of what you buy cheap on Ebay is fake......especially if the seller is in China.

    The truth is when comes to things like bags, it's really hard to tell if it's fake or not. These things are cranked out by so many different vendors with so many different configurations and materials, even the people at the retail level have trouble keeping track.

    It's not like you can return it so just enjoy it. What's the worst case scenario? You have a genuine Chinese made knock off Nike bag. Great conversation piece.

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    you're best option is probably to take it to a sports shop or 2 and ask them their opinion as to if its fake or not; shops that sell these kind of items are more likely to be able to tell if their fakes

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