My Poem The gifted young poet comments?

One day I tried to write a song

But all the words they came out wrong

I got so mad I threw my pen

I don’t know when I’ll try again

I tried so hard some lines to share

But all the words they go no where

Seems all these lines from a thought

To write them down its all for not

Oh what the hell, there’s more to do

For my pen and me, for now we’re through

I’ll go outside, and ride my bike

And to the park and then I’ll hike

And there I found a big rock wall

With scribbles there for one and all

I said some thoughts that kind to mind

Then someone calls me from behind

A kid says if you are a poet

From what I hear no one would know it

So I read his lines as best I could

With misspelled words this kid is good

How could someone half my age

Be that good command a stage

And then he left, as fast he came

Like rhyming words was just a game

I come back every now and then

Hoping we meet up again

I leave some lines for him to see

He changes them, he sets them free

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  • gary
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    1 decade ago
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    Not bad, I enjoyed the story and the ending was excellent.

    Take care,Gary...

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