Punishment meetings in a law suit?

Would it help to include the confirmend existance of punishment meetings, held at 6 am every saturday for anyone not meeting thire goals, in a law suit?


Discrimination law suit to be more specific

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  • Cliff
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    1 decade ago
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    You aren't very clear in your question, but you appear to be saying that you are the plaintiff in a workplace discrimination suit, and you would like to introduce evidence that the employer makes some people come to work on saturday morning if they aren't meeting their goals...

    If this is what you are actually saying, there is nothing illegal or improper about an employer requiring employees to come to work on a saturday morning for any reason whatsoever. This is proper employer conduct, and completely irrelevant to any discrimination claim unless you can establish that these meetings are meant to punish people based on race, gender, or national origin.

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