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Grid inter-tie inverters with batteries and real time pricing? to save money?

Are there any companies that sell the control systems or grid inter-tie inverters that can be coupled with a battery system and real time pricing from the power company to automatically buy power when its low and sell when its high? Usually buying at night and storing in batteries and using during the day when the electricity is costly! Thanks.

I live in a area where I have real time pricing from my power company and my house is all electric. I have some solar but I want to save more money. Its also more environmentally friendly to use grid power at night.


The real time pricing i have tells me how many KWH's i use every hour. Just to clarify I don't want to sell my power company any power.I just want a automatic system to decide to use the grid or my batteries, biased on the price. My power company e-mails and texts me the price.

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  • Nata T
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    post a link to your utility companies tariffs. I'd bet they would buy back electricity at a rate lower than the cheapest sell rate. Couple in the loses from the system and you will lose money.

    If your plan worked, everyone would be millionaires.

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    This would be illegal and there is no way I could advise you to install an "Import/Export" meter, charge your batteries at off-peak times the "Export" it at peak times.

    Strangely enough this is exactly what Spain does: http://www.davidstrahan.com/blog/?p=567

    Would it work? Presumably if your battery output voltage "Fooled" the "Import/Export" meter then you could export it to your gain, but as I said it would be illegal, or would it?



    EDIT: Nata is correct, in UK there is a price differental of 50% buy to "buy back" price, so no easy money I'm afraid.

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