Can you tell me how to make this salad.?

On July 4th I went to a big B.B.Q with lot's of people and tons of food. Someone (person unknown) brought a salad Iv'e never seen or had befor,but it was soooooo good,and I want to know how it's made.

It had uncooked roman noodels,and chunks of chicken,slices of almonds,and maybe more but I cant remember.And it had some kind of dressing on it. Does anyone know of this salad,and can you tell me how to make it. And what dressing !

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    I have a fetish for salads when it comes to food. So the other day when I was browsing through recipes in Femina, I came across this awesome salad recipe. Though I cant recall the whole recipe, I suggest you check out magazines like Femina so that you get the ingredients in right proportion. Hope this helps!

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