how to earn money using internet decently?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Its hard to earn something just instantly! :)

    Well, have you seen On that one you have to do human intelligence tasks (HITs) and you receive money for it. If you are good at writing and english is your mother language, you can earn about 5 bucks for 500 word articles. In a day - i think it is quite decant :)

    I was doing the little hits for 1-2-3 cents, but still managed to get a 17 bucks in about 24 hours of working (about 1 week 3 hours everyday). P.S. my english sucks, so you`ll do better! ;)

    If you can wait and are hard working you can also make money with paid to click sites, but it requires a LOT of dedication- you probably know that already :)

    Here are some that i use! (trusted, but bad design and slow earner) (be careful, its cool, but they delay payments for 3-4 weeks)

    To get Direct Referrals (you`ll need this if you want to earn) - best Traffic exchange that i know

    P.S. Understand that its a job - you`r success lies on how good you`ll be at making direct referrals. Trafic exchange is awesome, but requires lots of work. You`ll have to click a lot to get a referral, Some days you`ll get 2, some days 1 and some days none. i have got 5 refs by clicking on about 2500 pages. So be patient!

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    Well, businesses online make money by providing content that users find appealing. By using their users' interest as demand, you can monetize that demand through advertising revenue on a website, which is a basic revenue model for many sites.

    However if you can capitalize on the processes of your content that your site delivers, you can make even more money. Say you provide a video site that features reviews of the latest and greatest movies. The regular stream would be from advertising revenue, but if, in between reviews you had a deal with an advertiser to promote their product, you can secure even more revenue since the content would be modified to earn more money in its delivery.

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    Easy way to earn money by PTC. Its real and 0 cash out instantly. Just per click € 0.10. click to register and start earning

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  • 10 years ago

    Actually, those who use the internet INdecently are the ones who make money.


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    10 years ago

    my friend sold his stuff on ebay he made a lot in a few weeks

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