Elder Goth? OR Guy Who Just Loves The Color Black?

in my daily life i sometimes have to answer questions like "are you a goth?" and "let me guess your favorite color is black?" and the more popular "aren't you a little too old to wear those clothes?" while i answer them with a smile i often wonder at times if i am a goth [which is perfectly alright with me]or just a guy who is obsessed with the color black.

i am 43 year old male. i'm guessing that means elder? im not certain what age group of goth that makes me fall into. i have a full head of long dark hair. quite amazing for a man my age, not to have a single grey hair on my head,let alone a full head of hair. i have brown eyes, and very lite skin color. i cannot tolerate any sunlight on my skin. i don't melt or turn to dust at the sight of the sun, but don't tann. my skin becomes flame red and later it begins to peel. so i'm guessing any kind of tattoo is not possible. not that wouldn't have any, i would ,but i don't think it could be done on my skin.

as a child i had to wear these horrible bright colors. i grew up in the mid 70's. and had no control over my wardrobe. i think i became drawn to the color black from my favorite tv show "The Avengers" Diana Rigg in that sexy leather outfit. and also Julie Newmar's 'catwoman' in the batman series.

when i turned 17 in 1984 i finally had some control over what i could wear. that is when i started to wear black clothes. in the 1980's if you really wanted to stand out,just wear black anywhere. the fashion sense of the 1908's was blue jeans and white tennis shoes with a beige members only jacket. here i am in black slacks with a black dress shirt and shiney black patent shoes with matching black socks.

in my 20's and 30's i had the fitness craze of running and working out in the gym. i wore back sweats and sneakers even had a black towell.

today i guess you could say its "total immersion" my clothes and shoes are black.what i sleep in for pajamas is black, the computers and other eletronics i have are black, the glasses i wear are black and so forth.

my musical tastes are more toward the darker trance music of the cocteau twins.aphex twin.the orb.dead can dance. square pusher. for movies i grew up on old 50's 60's horror films like "the brian that wouldn't die" and "the thing" and "invasion of the body snatchers" and yes i loved those hammer films with Cristopher Lee as dracula and Peter Cushing as Dr Frankenstein. i also enjoyed the dubbed "Godzilla" films of the 60's 70's

i admit i don't have fancy flamboyant clothes of a goth. i have slacks,dress shirts, leather jackets and leather pants. black denim jeans.wool coats. and all Fashion accessories in black

i guess im asking fellow goths [of which there are many] if i fit term elder goth? or maybe to be a "full goth" i need a tattoo here and there followed by one or two piercings? i ask this to avoid any humiliating in trying to incorporate myself with the local goth community. and if anyone hadn't noticed all goths have hot hot goth girlfriends. you almost never see a goth guy alone.

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  • dc87
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    1 decade ago
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    Judging by your description and interests (particularly music like Dead Can Dance and Cocteau Twins and old horror movies), I would probably say elder goth would be a term that fits you. But the fact that you wonder if you are goth/didn't already classify yourself as goth would make me say no, you're not. That would only be because it just seems elder goths self-classify themselves as that. But then again, if you want to pick up the term, I'd say it wouldn't be totally inaccurate.

    About the comment about being a "full goth", I see no need for tattoos and piercings. I'm a 22-year-old goth with no tattoos and only one piercing (that I got when I was 13 when I had misconceptions about what the goth scene was), and the few times I've been to my local goth night it seemed that people who weren't overly out there with their style didn't seem to have a problem fitting in. Of course I sure this all depends on the local goth community, but probably just being older in itself will give you more of a presence and less of a need to overdo the look than, say, someone who is twenty years younger and just trying to go for a certain look with tattoos and piercings to attract attention.

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  • Susan
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    4 years ago

    I'm a girl who's half black half white and listens to hardcore/metal stuff like that. I find it doesn't matter about your race, gender, whatever. Like whatever the hell you want to like and don't care what others say. Have you ever heard of Alexis Brown from Straight Line Stitch or the vocalist of Oceano, or the drummer from I the Breather? All are african americans from awesome metal bands. There should be no stereotypes when it comes to what music you listen to. Music is music. Just enjoy it. :)

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