Plumbing, septic help needed.?

I have what I am sure is a break in the waste pipe from the house to the septic field. (verified with a dye test) the leak is very close to the house, possibly within a foot of the foundation. Anybody have a ballpark idea what this will cost to repair?


Levi, Jakeb,donnyv: you all gave me hope. I thank you all for your help. Unfortunately the fix is not that easy. After 3 hours of digging I find the break is between the foundation. Looks like a plumber gets the job.

Update 2:

Oh, what are you all doing this weekend??? I'll buy the beer.

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    You really just need a friend to dig down to the break and install a rubber Fernco coupling, adapting to whatever material the pipe is. The coupling won't cost much, but if you contract someone to do it for you, you'll end up paying labor costs for something easily done yourself.

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    Plumbers charge as much as $100 an hour. Since you know the general location, start digging. It's cheap and easy to fix a broken pipe with clamp on rubber connectors from Lowes or Home Depot.

  • donnyv
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    About ten bucks if you do it your self , a little digging and a little plumbing , call a plumber and he could be there for days

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