Hmm.. Earmark spending down 40% since Dems took over in 06, Thad Cochran Republican (2 bill) in 3 years ?

60% of earmarks this year alloted by Dems
40% By Repugs
which makes sense as the Dems are the majority
But Thad Cochran still spent more than anyone else?

Thought Republicans were "small gov/less taxes/ less spending advocates ?
Update: google it yourself ..or just look at the headlines here on Yahoo...
shocker, real news from a news source
Update 2: I didn't make up anything... so now that your "You Lie" comment is shot down.. are you suddenly Liberals ?
Update 3:
Update 4: what is it with you Tea Bag people.. Did I mention anything here at all about you and your (fox news) fake movement ?

what a bunch of busy bodies...
Update 5: . it couldn't be that we've got 800 military bases world wide, are involved both covertly and overtly in at least 3 countries ..and shovel money to the pentagon unflinchingly like heroin addicted junkies to a pusher?
"Entitlement" is another buzzword for sound bite warriors.
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