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What's the scope for Solar Power in India?

We are in the planning phase for setting up 1 MW solar power plant in India. I would have like to hear some feedback from great people like you. Based on our feasibility study, there is a huge demand for power and consumers are ready to buy. We have investors ready with money. Only grey area is Government ( Red Tape) procedures and not very investor friendly local governments.

In your opinion, what do you think about the scope for Solar Power in India? What will be the scope in next 5, 10, 15, 20 years from now? Will you consider choosing Solar energy to meet part of your energy needs for your residence or business? Considering regular power cuts during summer, would you mind paying little extra just to have uncut power supply?

Please provide your feedback.

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    Since solar energy is available free of cost, so its utilization would definitely be very beneficial to a developing country like India, where providing energy to the people in a cost effective and efficient manner is a very challenging job, and the gap between demand and supply of energy is ever increasing..One of the possible solutions to this would be to trap the solar energy, which can be used both directly and indirectly.

    The various applications of solar energy are-

    Solar water heating

    Solar air heating

    Solar crop and timber drying

    Solar water distillation

    Solar heating of buildings

    Solar cooking

    Solar power generation

    Solar refrigeration and air-conditioning

    Solar electricity generation by solar cell etc.

    So, I think that there is a huge potential for utilization of solar energy in India..

    Pallavi - Student of IILM, Gurgaon

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    I'm not sure how modernized India is getting with solar technology but last I had known, the main use of solar energy in India was the increase in solar cookers. A solar panel can be anything from a photovoltaic type generating electricity, or a panel that is passive and heats water or air for heat. The scope of of solar energy everywhere is unlimited.

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    Solar energy --- a great alternative clean energy.

    President Obama says by 2100 , USA would be meeting 100% of energy requirements through solar.

    In India the ministry for non conventional energy sources and SIPCOT are willingn to join hands with any solution providers in solar energy generation.

    The unit cost for generation is comparatively high and Government would be buying all the generated energy. So as a business venture the profit margin would not be great , but as a social contribution or as a future technology, it is a great 0pportunity. The scope would be high for solar appliances industry.

    Government should go for mass subsidy in this issue and additional incentives and funds at low cost of interest should be offered.

    Based on the objectives and level of endurance, you can choose a right path.

    V C Malarmannan

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    Good luck for your initiative. There is ample scope for solar power in a tropical country like India. Its going to increase as the the need for energy requirement is increasing and now itself the energy resources - mainly the the hydel, then the nuclear thermal- are over stressed.

    The government policies are changing a lot, and across the party line, they are welcoming the innovations, industries and initiatives. Having said this, i should admit, there are exceptions and also the change is is very slow.

    But what you should concentrate is not building up huge plants, but small plants may be suitable for a lay out or a township like that. Also, if you have technology, you can come up with more household articles - cooking, for example- that can operate with solar.

    I would like to have a better discussion, but unfortunately, i am not a energy expert nor a policy planner. I am a researcher working on hydrology and environment.

    Rakesh (

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    Dear no doubt in India solar power has loat of scope since now the government is also providing subsidiaries,

    One should remember we are paying a lil bit extra but down the lane 5-10yrs you will recover all that you have invested now.

    We need to bring in the awareness to the people about installing solar power.

    Best of luck...

    Do visit the below web link & post your comment, cost per/kva as I am also planning to promote the same.

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  • 5 years ago

    Shirdi, Oct.20 (ANI): The Sai Baba temple in Maharashtra's Shirdi town has gone green as 'prasadam'in the temple kitchens are prepared through solar-steam cooking system for thousands of devotees. The main goal of the Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust was to reduce the use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) by 50 percent. The Chairman of the trust, Jayant Sasane, said that beside environmental benefits, the solar kitchen proved cheaper in the long run and offered the advantage of uninterrupted cooking. "Our effort has always been to be considerate about the environment. We use 30 percent of solar energy used in India. We have built our own infrastructure to harness both solar energy and wind energy," said Sasane. Devotees appreciated the food being served at the 'Prasadalaya'. "About 10,000 to 20,000 devotees daily come to eat the prasadam. Food is distributed here from morning to late till night," said Sushma Singh, a devotee from Delhi. Shirdi is the third spiritual centre after Andhra Pradesh's Tirupati temple and Brahma Kumari Spiritual Trust in Mount Abu, a mountain peak in Rajasthan, to have solar systems for cooking 'prasadam' for devotees.

    To know more about Solar india Visit

    Source(s): (ANI)Ritwik Bhalekar
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  • 1 decade ago

    Solar power will be in high demand in coming years not only in India but all over the world

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  • 1 decade ago

    India has one of the largest scope of solar power, infact its so huge that if we properly equip ourselves of solar electricity production equipment, we can produce enough to sustain our current only through solar power.

    Huge R&D is required in this field but there is no doubt that this is indeed the energy source of future.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The possible utilization of solar enegry for the generation of electricity is receiving an increasing amount of attention in India and elsewhere where sunlight is abundant ,While sunlight is essential to living things,it is thought to be the most frequent cause of skin cancer.

    Source(s): Wvan Singler Dominant's Advanced Dictionary of Geography,Edited by R.K.Mishra,Published by Dominant Publishers and Distributors,116 A South Anarkali,Delhi-110051,page 317
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  • 1 decade ago

    Solar power is always helpful. In the long term idea, it helps save money and energy. You might regret its cost now, but ten years later, you will be happy you got solar panels.

    Source(s): A project on energy saving I did a month ago.
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