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What's wrong or, right with these answers?

I'm getting a lot of thumbs down and was wondering what is wrong with the answers. Or, are they alright? Do they contain things people just don't want to hear or what? I always try to give a lot of information and use my experiences in family counseling, and include sites obtained from the web, to back up a lot of my answers. Thanks!!


Picking best answer for this question is going to be one the toughest things I've had to do on this site!! I had friends answer this qestion also. Can I pick all of you...Smile!! I'm going to have to give this MUCH thought. THanks to all of you....Love ya!! JOSA

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    Some examples would help. I reviewed 10 of your answers in your profile and saw no thumbs down. The only problem I saw was one answered where you just said you agreed with other answer (and called out one user). Be careful, that is a violation of the rules. You must give your own separate answer. If you want to agree with others use the thumbs up.

    As to the use of the thumbs function, take a simple question. What is your favorite color? (note this question is a violation, but for illustrative purposes here). If you answer pink and someone answers blue, instead of other people answering blue or pink, they just TU/TD the answers. If they don't like your pink and are neutral on blue, they may TD you and do nothing for the other answer. It is nothing personal, it is just away of agreeing or not.

    However, thumbs down can be gotten for many reasons, only one of which is the correct usage. Some of the ways:

    1. the answer is incorrect or you disagree with an opinion (the only real reasons)

    2. you sound over 18 (believe it or not)

    3. you support the rules on YA

    4. you understand the rules of YA

    5. you take the site seriously

    6. you answered the question (some answerers will TD all other answers)

    7. it was fun (random playing)

    8. you are in the military, a policeman, or some authority figure

    9. etc -

    very few TDs are legit so don't sweat it unless you get one say on a science or math question, then review your answer for a mistake

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    I agree that this happens. and that i do it each and every from time to time. yet there is usually a grain of reality to it. enable's settle for it, christians are all over the map in terms of how they harmonize their religious perspectives with actual remark and the 'accuracy' of the bible. working example some say the tale of the flood is an allegory and not meant to be taken actually together as others take it so actually that they contend it did no longer rain until the fllod. on the different hand, Christians, willfully misinterpet the concept of evolution even with being corrected on it irepeatedly. No biologist has ever claimed that guy progressed from monkeys or that a monkey all of sudden gave delivery to a human or that a fish gave delivery to a chook. yet I see this fake representation at here each and every of the time and oftern from the comparable guy or woman besides the undeniable fact that their errors has been referred to to them.

  • mark r
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    I don't think it is the answers as much as the questions. From what I have read, a fair amount of questions that you answer revolve around intense subjects, initiatives, etc. and I would also imagine you bring a different perspective from those who read these questions and are to agree with certain answers.

    IMO...people who have real questions need real answers, those who read the questions and the answers are probably voyeurs with no real perspective on the matter.

    I hope this helps...

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    you give awesome advice. i think that people thumbs down you is that they do not like your answers, or they possibly get offended. though their thoughts are based on how they are. But don't worry, who cares what they think as long as you are happy with your answer you have nothing to worry about.

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    If you're happy with your answers, and you think you're helping someone, then ignore the 'thumbs down' mob.

    It happens to all of us, sometimes it's just trolls who don't have a life.

    Don't be concerned about it, just keep participating.

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    i personally think you do an amazing job at answering questions you have helped me. i think people just like to put thumbs down just because they feel like it. theres nothing wrong with your answers at all.

  • ishoot
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    Thumbs up/down is an abused feature, just ignore it.

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    i think you give wonderful advice, i am grateful you have answered my questions, i dont vote "wrong" for you. I dunno, maybe they dont wanna hear the truth, but i feel like your my bff....thank you

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