Where is the Java Rice originated?

Java rice is really popular in the Philippines, but I noticed that Java rice just look the same with Indonesian "Nasi Kuning" (Yellow Rice)

My question is, is Java Rice in the Philippines copied from Indonesia?

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    In Indonesia.

    Java = Indonesia

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    Java Rice Recipe

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    Java Rice in Philippines has nothing to do with Indonesia. In Indonesia, rice in Java is cultivated where the soil is rich due to volcanic lava. But it has nothing to do with Java Rice in Philippines.

    In Philippines, Java Rice is just a dish where Turmeric added is added to give the rice dish it's yellow color.

    Every country has tried to prepare its dish, where the Rice is colored yellow. In India and Pakistan, more expensive Rice Pulao are made by adding Saffron to get the yellow color. For cheaper Biryani, just turmeric is added.

    Just Google for 'Java Rice Philippines recipe', you will find hundreds of recipes. They all have Turmeric powder as one of the ingredients.

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    Java Indonesia?... It's also called Nasi goreng

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    Bali islands in Indonesia

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