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About PCSO 6/45 lotto Philippines?

Last night i got 4 of 6 on the draw, and went to the outlet for the exchange of price and they gave me P600 is that a fair price for 4 of 6?

Please advice and thank you so much for any that make sense...

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    I do not know how it is in dollars, but I think it is fair because in my country, they pay you some $ 7 for four numbers without the bonus ball. If you have bonus ball too, then the prize must be much more , somehow around $20

    But you also should know that they have an interest to make first prize big to determine people to buy more tickets, knowing that it make people to dream and lose they money.

    All here is a business of government.

    That is why I developed a procedure of studying previous draws from my lotto, following the behavior of numbers and I know when to play with low investment. There is always a possibility of winning a jackpot but in general I am interested in winning something at least double sum than my investIf you are interested in such technique please visit my blogs and leave a comment


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