How does a vaginal examination done to pregnant women in labor?

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I was just wondering if anybody could give me a step by step description of vaginal examination (internal exam) for women in labor to know the cervical dilatation and effacement. more
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i hope thihs helps, its not a video.

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Geee... Thanks for the info. Really very helpful.
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  • Yam answered 4 years ago
    Do you know where the cervix is? Have you felt your own? If you can't palpate the cervix, it must have been at 10cm dilated... We practice on dummies at my university. You stick your fingers in, and use your brain to think about what you're feeling. If the cervix emits a fingertip, it's 1cm, if it's more, you need go with your best estimate. Can't fit a ruler up there see. You need to practice, that's all. Have a professional do the vaginal exam as well and compare.
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