What are the difference between collage and mosaic?

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A collage contains different pictures regardless of what is formed, while a mosaic is composed of a lot of pictures that form a single picture.
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  • chlorina2006 answered 4 years ago
    A collage is usually made up of paper, fabric, and or other materials that are overlapped, not associated with one another and applied to a single flat surface and affixed with a glue or glaze.

    A mosaic is made of stone, tile and or glass, laid side by side or end to end, or in a pattern not touching, and can be applied to a flat substrate or a shaped surface (such as a vase or bowl). Affixed with a variety of materials such as adhesives, glues, etc. The "gaps" between the stones, tiles etc may or may not be "grouted" (another type of glue or adhesive) to fill in the gaps between the tiles, stones etc.


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