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Nerd-vey: What's your favourite Star Trek movie?

(Due to the nerdiness of this question, please feel free to make humourous and derisive comments.)

Which is your favourite?

1 Star Trek:The Motion Picture (TMP) - A space probe returns home

2 The Wrath of Khan (TWoK) - Revenge is a dish best served cold

3 The Search for Spock (TSFS) - Dr. McCoy is possessed by Spock, allowing the rebirth of Spock

4 The Voyage Home (TVH) - A space aged Free Willy

5 The Final Frontier (TFF) - The search for God

6 The Undiscovered Country (TUC) - The Klingons make peace with the Federation

7 Generations (Gen) - The torch is passed from Kirk to Picard

8 First Contact (FC) - Those nasty borg attempt to alter history

9 Insurrection (Ins) - A disowned group returns to exact revenge on their home planet (a la TWoK)

10 Nemesis (Nem) - Data is reborn (a la TSFS)

11 Star Trek (2009) - A return to the original with a new twist/timeline

My favourite is still TWoK.

BQ Are you a fan of The Original Series (TOS) or The Next Generation (TNG) etc. or both?


Hey, I like Star Wars too (the original trilogy). Sorry, but not much of a fan of the second trilogy even though Natalie Portman is cute.

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    I'm going through 'pon far' right now, but I'll try to compose myself long enough to answer.

    Wrath of Khan rocks. That first battle scene was just awesome, and Ricardo had the best fake pecs, evar.

    BA: Both. I hated TNG at first, but the Borg assimilated me.

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    2009 Star Trek

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    TWoK, Spock!

    To me, still the most exciting and dramatically viable of the whole bunch---solid storyline, great characters, tremendous music score, heart-rending sacrifice of Spock, Kirstie fantastic as Vulcan/Romulan Saavik, Khan a cultured monomaniac quoting Melville--great stuff!

    Not to say I didn't enjoy all the rest of them in some degree or another; esp. the newest entry--nicely done.

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    Wrath of Khan... The thought of Mr. Roarke as a Klingon still amuses me... Was that outfit of his made from "Rich Corinthian Leather" ??? I kept waiting for a Tattoo to make a cameo appearance shouting his famous line "Da Plane... Da Plane" !!

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    The only Star Trek I ever liked was The Next Generation. Warf was one of my favorite characters.

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    Star Trek 4---"Everyone remember where we parked"

    "Split up, you look like a cadet review"

    "I do not understand the question"

    "Nobody's perfect"

    "He took a little too much LDS is the Sixties".

    "I didn't see nothin' and you didn't either".

    "Is this a good time for one of those colorful metaphors?"

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    i love watching generations and star trek 2009 i like both tv series but i watch the next generation more

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    Agrees with the other Star wars fans.

    Yea I am a nerd I have the box set thank you very much.

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    I like them all, being a sci-fi nerd, however TWoK is favourite, and I have yet to see ST2009.

    BQ: TOS because it's camp and TNG because it's cool.

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    3 years ago

    Easy answer, First Contact.

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