Only in the Philippines?

Yes, only in the Philippines can a Chinese in the government can cheat and rob and get away with it!

Only in the Philippines can a Secretary of Education, a Filipino Chinese, who buys a 427 million pesos or equivalent of $9,085,106 U.S. dollar, worth of noodles which was bought at 22 pesos when the wholesale price is only 3.5 pesos or an overprice of 624 per cent!

Yes! It is only in the Philippines where TESDA, a government agency (Government sponsored Vocational School), whose head, a Filipino Chinese purchase school supply to up to 4,000% over-priced!

It is only in the Philippines wherein its Secretary of the Department of Health suggested 10 billion pesos, $212,765,957 U.S. Dollar ($212 million+) to eradicate swine flu in the Philippines; the truth is, their was no known effective vaccine against swine flu when he mentioned his proposal.

I can go on and on to these litany of corruption committed by Filipino Chinese in our government, starting from the President to all the way down to the lowest level.

Our Chinese operated Government is almost going insane with greed plundering our meagre financial resources.

Now, the Chinese businessmen are raising the essential commodity prices where no scarcity is happening to let go with our land.

What do you think?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The chinese business in philippines almost winner since before.You did not give over price to all costumer's even piny did you accept if somebody told you I don't have enough to buy something in the store of chinese did you give even you said lost. The philippines government spread bad news around the world they have corruption starting from President to all the way dawn the lawest level. But I don't know they have a good communications in U.S. or the other countries. Maybe they maid hocos pocos or black magic to all people. Don't worry U still won that problem. You know how to run your business right? so make magic also. Sorry for what I'm saying this only suggestion about income.

    Source(s): Corruption
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