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I have a question concerning abortion.?

My son married a person who works for Planned Parenthood part time. I found that they support abortion and other issues that I oppose. My daughter in law wrote an article in the paper about the murder of Dr. Tiller back in June of this year, and she practically believes he was a saint. He did so much good, etc, etc. She criticizes the pro-life organizations and says they are probably celebrating the death of Dr. Tiller. Pro life does not work that way. We respect all life. I have tried to instill good values in my children, and those values are belief in God and his commandments, respect for life from conception to natural death, and following the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. With conflicting ideas on such a divisive issue, I would like to how many supporters I have on this issue. God bless you.


Miss Mommy: I support some of the activities of PP, but not abortion on demand. I am all for birth control and sexual health, but once conception occurs, that is a new and unique life and should be protected just like life after birth.

Update 2:

Ferret: My daughter in law thinks the Right To Life people were celebrating the death of Dr. Tiller. There could be nothing further from the truth. We do not condone murder any more than we condone abortion.

Update 3:

Mrs. B: I am just saying that there are many options to consider other than abortion that may be feasible. Even with perfectly healthy fetuses, abortion is too easy. There are so many other options available such as adoption, or assistance with child care available to the new mother.

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    As my contact and friend you already know how strongly I feel about The Right to Life. All life is sacred and here for a meaning, even if we mere mortals do not know what that meaning is, nor are we always suppose to know. I do NOT celebrate the death of anyone. Nor, do I feel any person has the right to knowingly rip a life from this world. As for being a person who strongly believes in the celebration of life, I believe all lives should be respected as much as we can do so. When I have been confronted by Pro Choice people who ask me if I am willing to be responsible for the "Crack Babies" and the abused and unwanted children I proudly say "Yes!" I do not have the economic means to adopt a child, but I do volunteer and help out where I can. Then I have also been asked "Do you Pro Lifers actually practice what you preach?" Again, I say "Yes!" Just off the top of my head: One of my friends 17 years ago adopted a baby born addicted to crack and he is now a happy, healthy, well adjusted young man getting ready for college. Another of my friends adopted 2 little boys from an abusive family and it has been a miracle watching them blossom into confident little outgoing forces of nature. Another friend of mine adopted 3 children, all siblings from a home of abuse and neglect, one of which has become one of my son's best friends. A teacher at one of the schools where I work has adopted a little girl who's biological mother is in prison for drug trafficking and child abuse and neglect. Another friend of mine has adopted and fostered over 18 children, and given them a quality of life they have told me they never dreamed of. So, I am not rejoicing in the death of the doctor. But, I do rejoice in my friends love and willingness to "practice what they preach"

    As for your daughter in law, just love her. You do not have to agree or like her views, but you just lead by love. That is all any of us can do.

    May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you and her.

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    I think unless you are female with a vajay you really have no say in abortion unless it's your baby the female is carrying. Don't get me wrong, I am not big on abortion. I think it is very irresponsible of both parties involved and if adoption can be a considered than it should be. Then again I am not naive to the fact that everyone is not mother/father material. Being a parent is the most important job you will ever have and one that can never be taken lightly. It is just a responsibility that everyone doesn't need to have. And further more what about the people who put their lives at risk to give birth. Don't they deserve a say? Or the mothers who have to make the difficult decision to birth a severely handicapped or sick baby who may spend more time on earth suffering than not, or to not bring the baby into such a horrible existance. In any case this is a serious matter, one I am sure no female or male take pleasure in debating. But they do deserve a voice and the opportunity to make their own decision based on the situation.

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    Alright where can I start? My sister in law is a victim of teen pregnancy. Now, maybe I shouldn't exactly say victim because she actually tried to conceive my little nephew for a year. Which means she was "trying" to get pregnant by her 3 year older boyfriend when she was only at the age of 14 years old. Now maybe she wasn't brought up with the values of such like your children are, in which I respect very much. But my sister in law has a 2.5 month old little boy, trying to finish out high school. She may regret her choice two years ago when trying to conceive, but she got her wish. Now, my mother in law takes care of him during the nights, and I actually have him every single day from the time my mother in law wakes up, until my sister in law is home from basketball practice which is about 7pm. Honestly, I love my little nephew...but for a 14 year old little girl to want to get pregnant does NOT fly in my book.

    I feel that her mother should have most definitely taught her some values and things of that nature to steer her out of that direction. But what can you possibly do to keep a child a child, and a mother a mother? If your 14 year old daughter was trying to get pregnant. What would you do? Would you force abortion upon your child/murdering your grandchild?

    I wouldn't know what to do in this case, besides of course raise my children to respect themselves more...but I want to say abortion would have been the "right" thing in her case...but at the same time it's extremely hard for me to say that because I love my little nephew and love spending time with him. I just wish for him the best life possible...but there is no way he can get that life from his I feel obligated to take inititive and give him the world as if he were my own child.

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    You don't have to like your daughter-in-laws views, but she is part of the family and you will have to deal with it.

    Dr. Tiller was NOT a saint and nowhere near a decent human being. That man preformed late-term abortions on women. By late-term I mean the 3rd trimester when a baby is almost completely formed and can live on it's own. That is not okay.

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    I also believe abortion is wrong! Mainly because the innocent child gets no say in the matter. For me its baby the moment the two sets of DNA come together. I feel that the unborn baby should have just as much right as mom or dad. In courts if a rapist or convicted felon go to court for the loss of a pregnancy do to his crime he can be held with murder charges. So that right there shows the courts do see the baby as alive. I only see it as okay if Mom is going to die from the pregnancy for things like tubal and ect. As for me I'd rather die as long as I new baby had a chance of survival! As for your sons wife there's not much you can do to change her mind. However you can pray that in life she finds lessons from a higher power to learn that all life is precious and valued! Even in the tiniest forms!

    Edit: Miss Mills, Just as a man can't force an abortion nether can mom or dad! Yes its sad that a teen got pregnant like that! However your family could have asked her to give the baby up for adoption. You also had the right to refuse to help her if she kept the baby instead of adoption. To many people see abortion as a way out of being sexually responsible instead of using condoms and birth control. Abortion is the easy way out for selfish people who only care about themselves and no one else! Point it should not be so easy for people to just walk in and get abortions. They should be required to be educated about their decision. I'm not saying to educate about religious reason but educate about pregnancy and at least have them here the heart beat! My unborn baby had a heart beat at 6 weeks , I know becasue I had an emergency ultra sound done. It was not easy to see, I had to hold my breath but it definitely had a heart! Which mean to kill the baby would be murder! My baby and all the other babies waiting to be born have just as much right to life as you or I! In fact they have more right, they are the next generation and perhaps they can get thing more right then we did!

    Source(s): Mom of 3 and one on way
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    Obviously, not ALL pro-life supporters feel that way, or he wouldn't have been murdered!

    Just as not all pro-choice supporters are "happy" whenever an unborn fetus is terminated. BUT, it's a woman's choice - and that's what pro-choice is about. This woman is doing a wonderful thing in helping young women, often teenagers without insurance, receive care that they need, testing when they need it, and birth control to those who choose to wait to have a child.

    Unfortunately, you sound very narrow minded and can't see the whole picture of what your daughter in law is trying to do in her community. My local PP doesn't even practice abortions in that office.

    I've often found it's those who act close to God that are in fact the most judgmental of all. Oh, the irony!

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    You sound like an educated man, and I do agree with you. Abortion is wrong and its murder. But your daughter in law is entitled to her opinion just as much as you and I are, so don't condemn her for her career or beliefs. Shes expressed how she feels about the subject and so have you so leave it at that. I wish there were more people who were pro-life, God bless you.

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    I think that you should just accept the fact that people have different opinions. Dont let this get in the way of your relationship with your son and daughter in law. You may just have to agree to disagree.

  • Omg!!! I totally agree!!! It says in the Bible that God thinks that you are murdering a human being if you kill a baby in the womb. He even said all those who murder (doing abortion) will be condemned. I've always been pro life. Never in my life have i ever thought abortion was ok, even in rape, that baby was still created and created by God Himself and if that baby wasn't supposed to be here, the He wouldn't have let it be created. I believe everything you are saying.

    I've made some pretty bad decisions in my life. like getting pregnant outside of marriage, and i was "supposed" to be a Christian. I grew up with it all like you have to wait till marriage and that was my number one rule...until this horrible guy on drugs walked in and changed it. I honestly can say that i don't regret getting pregnant. Because everyday i feel this baby inside of me, makes my day. And i love my baby so much. I can't help to want my baby and love him with all my heart. I didn't think once about abortion when i found out i was pregnant. But i am going to wait to have sex again till marriage because i know that what i did was wrong and God didn't make rules to just put you through hell.

    I seem to have my head on my shoulders...and i'm only 15 years old!!!

    Source(s): 22 weeks with my precious baby boy
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    She has her rights to be pro-choice, just as you have your rights to be pro-life. The murder of Dr. Tiller obviously shook her up, and just because he supported the right to choose does not mean he was any less of a saint. Also, if he was murdered in the name of anti-abortionists it's understandable to associate it with pro-lifers- especially when she's getting criticized by her father-in-law.

    Please try to respect her position.

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