Is the Ontario DMV on strike?

i went to get my g1 yesterday but the line was to long so i said i'll come back on Saturday but after we left my friends mom had told him that they were going on stike later the same day... so i was planing on going early in the morning to take it but i dont know if the strike is real and i dont want to waste my time... SO Is the Ontario DMV on strike?

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  • Amy
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    1 decade ago
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    That line was too long for a good reason! Yes, Drive Test centre workers are now on strike. They started walking off the job before close on Friday. BTW, Drive Test centres aren't open on the weekends, only some license offices (Drivers and Vehicles), which you can't get your G1 at anyhow.

    Source(s): also wanted to get G1 very soon, work at a license office.
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