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my ATT cell phone is getting really delayed txt messages and dropped calls, what do I do? 10pts?

Me and my moms ATT cell phones are getting a lot of delayed text messages and dropped calls. Like I'll get a text message an hour after I was supposed to because the txt shows the time it was supposed to be there.

I have to push resend about 5 times before a text sends.

and our calls are dropped constantly.

I called the ATT service (it took about 5 times bc it kept getting dropped) and they sent a signal out and it wont work still. and my mom took it to the ATT store and they said they fixed it and it still wont work.

its very aggravating.

What do I do now?

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    Depending on where you are at, it is more than likely a network issue. AT&T wants people to buy data plans and data devices more than anything else. The sad truth is that the AT&T network is not ready for mass amounts of data users. The increase in iPhone data users, as well as the influx of other devices that use massive amounts of data, has really bogged down the system. In some cities it has become almost unbearable. The worst areas are southern California, Chicago, New York and the D.C. area. Even in areas that are smaller population wise, they still have had a rise in data use, therefore spreading the issue out into the fringe areas as well. This seems to be mostly in the 3g area, but it does hit into some 2g areas as well. I myself am losing calls and getting massive delays on the messages. Best bet is to keep reporting it to them and see if that lights a fire to get them to change things.

    Source(s): 10 + years in wireless industry, and a good long conversation with an AT&T network field worker.
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    Source(s): Free Government Mobile Phone :
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    Can att and tell them and they will show how to do a hard reset on your phones. Backup all of your info.

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