Using public transportation how can I travel from Baltimore to Washington DC?

I live near Baltimore and would like to take a day trip to DC without having to drive there. How can I use public transportation to get there quickly and cheaply- any suggestions of where to catch either the MARC train, or subway, light rail- whatever. I've never used any of those before so if someone can give me specific routes or lines. I would like to end up as close to the national mall as possible.


I'd also like to know if it's safe to ride on the train. I would be with my boyfriend but still kinda scary

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    Not sure why you're asking here instead of going to the MTA site where the MARC schedules and other transit options are found.

    MARC runs weekdays only and is the best way to get from Baltimore to Washington. Amtrak trains work too, but aren't as frequent or cheap as MARC trains. MARC trains leave Baltimore at Penn Station on Charles Street, or from the Camden Station in front of Camden Yards. There's also lots of stops in between.

    All trains from Baltimore to Washington drop you off at Union Station, about a block or so from the U.S. Capitol. It's a short walk to the National Mall.

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    verify out Amtrak trains. It appears like they have trains leaving Baltimore Penn Station after 10:00 pm. working example, this evening (Wednesday) there are trains leaving at 10:40 3 pm and 11:38 pm that arrive at Washington Union Station approximately 40 5 minutes later and fee $14 each and each. i'm uncertain the way you may get from Union Station to Laurel. For that it extremely is recommended to look into Metro (the two rail and bus).

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    both amtrak and marc have traiins from baltimore and BWI airport to Union station(union station is 3 blocks from the mall) i think amtrak charges like $13 i am not sure about marc

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    It just as safe as driving. However there is no metro that goes from baltimore to washington dc. try the MARC website or

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    Amtrak has commuter rail lines that are not very expensive, or you can take the bus. It's better to travel by train in my opinion though/ Just find the schedule that suits you:

    It'll drop you off at Union Station

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