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Can you wear Penny Loafers with short khakis?

I wanted to know if it is considered an ok look. And if so what color socks and what length would i wear with a pair of light brown penny loafers?

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    I would say yes though I agree that a full preppy look is required (age is not important, the look is). Penny Loafers should be worn with smart shorts and a polo shirt and maybe a sweater drooped over your shoulders.

    People say different things abut wearing them without socks, but this may give you blisters.

    Traditionally Penny Loafers were worn with socks but these would be three quarter length or knee socks not ankle socks (not tube socks that would ruin the look). They still commonly wear penny loafers with long socks in Bermuda.

    This first link (see below) is from a catalogue from the 50s in the US for the ultra preppy look. There are two variants of socks with khaki shorts here, matching long socks or green argyle socks.

    The style went out and then came back in, in the 80s (I remember guys wearing knee high argyle socks or plain coloured long golf socks with Bermuda shorts with shoes like penny loafers at my university). In the second link (from 1988) they recommend the knee high argyle socks for sophisticated (and confident) men.

    In the third link there is a place you can get plain socks. Of these the beige would work best with the shoes and shorts imho.

    If the cycle repeats itself (as fashion cycles often do) due back in, in the 2010s. All manner of trad and retro styles seem to be returning at mens fashion shows.

    If you can't cope with long socks you might get away with white crew socks but that would look better with plaid shorts rather than khakis.

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    Most people will find it very preppy, which is OK if that's a look you like. Depends on how old you are also. Probably more acceptable once you are in your 30s and up. Regardless, don't wear any socks with the loafers.

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    yes but only if it's for school that allows shorts and penny loafers are said in uniform.

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    Only as a school uniform but wear short socks white socks maybe but wear them with black socks

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