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How wide are the reserved coach seats on Amtrak?

I am a big girl. I have traveled on Southwest airline and haven't exactly been comfortable. So I wanted to see if taking a train would be more comfortable for me. I am traveling from Philly to Tampa, which will take about 24 hours. I would like to reserve a coach seat but, would like more information. So anything you can provide for me would be great. I've looked at the website. I really want live feedback! :) Thanks.

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    The train will be a much more comfortable seat. The seats are wider than a plane's seats, and lean back further with more legroom. There's also no arm rest in the middle. Chances are good that you won't have a seatmate so you won't be hemmed in. If you can sleep on a plane, you'll have no trouble sleeping on the train. Plus you really can get up and move around, take advantage of that.

    In doing a bit of googling, it seems that average seat width for an airline coach seat is about 17.5" with a 32" pitch. First Class is about 19.5-20.5 width, 38-60" pitch. Amtrak is about 20.5" coach with a 50" pitch. (At least the Texas Eagle is, and I think it's a standard size.)

    It's also a single train from Philadelphia to Tampa on the Silver Star, no need to change trains. Josh must not travel long distance on Amtrak as much as he thinks.

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    It depends on the train and how busy the train is. If it's busy, somebody will hand you a card with a seat number just before you board the train. If it's not busy, then it's pretty much free seating. However, usually they'll still specify which car to use - sometimes long haul in one car and those going short distances in another car. Don't worry - you will be directed to the correct part of the train before boarding.

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    Coach train seats are much wider then airline seats. They are quite comfy and have nice foot rests. If you are on a single story train look into the business class upgrade. Usually its less then $20 and you'd be more comfortable.

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    The guy above has no clue. When you buy a coach seat, you may sit anyplace in the coach. Be sure you are in the right coach. Ask the conductor standing buy the coach entrance.

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    Coach Class is about the same size as a jet. In fact it looks like a jet on the inside. I don't suggest a sleeping car. I did it once and it's like being in a coffin. Buisness class is the same size but it has more plugs and it's a little bit fancy. The Northeast Corridor is short for you so you will end up transfering in Washington D.C.

    Sorry, Penny, dont do the Northeast Corridor a lot. Just Providence to South Station usually. Farthest I do is the Auto Train. When I had to go to Providence to Orlando we transfered at Washington. Thought that went with Tampa, too.

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    they are very similar to airline seats. they do have sleeper cars though and you are allowed to get up and move around a lot more. Also there is a dining car that you can spend some time in that would get you away from your seat.

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    Definitely bigger than the planes.

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