your calculation. how much would you think is the shipment cost of a car to be shipped from USA to PHILIPPINES?

for example. a volkswagen beetle or toyota vios.

please tell me of your calculation and the requirements.

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    well It costs 770 to 960 to ship a car from detroit to california cause thats what I paid for dealerships to what is called dealer delivery charges ad thats from michigan to california about half way across the entire USA since naval shipping costs are three times as those on land

    I would assume if you multiply those figures from land shipping costs by train to be 770 to 960 bucks take the high end and that would mean your car minimum would be about a cost of 2880 dollars

    and youd be in a ballpark close to the cost plus or minus another 30%

    for the distance and add port fees cause this is no small task

    of shipping a car. Be better to buy on already of that model

    already on the island or similar that was a hybrid that did not use

    gasoline for gas is going sky high in cost very soon.


    Check with the local marine shipping companies for someone that might be able to do this to get a reality check for

    I was in the military in 1978 and then without the military allowing my purchase to go by militaRY FRIEGHT they would have charged my

    car purchase to ship it would have cost me 4 grand extra from japan.

    And that was 1978 dollars I slapped on my travel orders and drove it to the base transport shipping office where it made the trip home with me


    Okinawa Japan while I was stationed there as a young military officer.

    I would probably faint to hear what it actually costs to ship five tons

    of machinery such as a car today.

    Wow the states to the islands of the phillipines is over 3000 miles

    by ship maybe more like 5000 miles.

    Land shipment by train would be less costly but being a island chain

    guess thats out.the question.

    Source(s): Try a bult shipping company in a container shipment try sharing a container with some other company or manufacturer then you can share the cost of the cars space in the other half of the container. cheers
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    I might like to peer a no bs reply to this query too. Clogging the pc up with why don t you simply do that...isn't answering the query. I simply received large decal surprise while the trader in Manila desired over 60 grand for an odyssey. I can get one at residence for slightly greater than part of that. If delivery and headache will keep me four to twenty grand, I wish to understand.

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