What do you like and dislike about where you live?

My boyfriend and I are completely bored in good ole Cincinnati and we are going to move. We are going to stay in the USA, but we have no idea where we want to go! We're leaning towards VA beach, but we want to explore other parts as well.

If you feel comfortable, tell me what city you live in and what you like and dislike about it.

Maybe includer the atmosphere (politically and culturally), things to do, seasons, public transportation, cost of living, etc... and then just your opinion of it.

Thanks for your help!!! :)

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    Right now I live in Chapel Hill, NC. I love it. It's a college town, but it offers so much. Parks, quirky little stores, and it's only 2 hours from the beach. The diversity of the area is so vast it's breathtaking. Yet you can get away from it all and be in the country in less than 10 minutes if youso choose. And Raleigh isn't that far either, so you have all of Raleigh right at your back door as well. Plus the economy down here is fairly strong.

    But if that's not close enough try Wilmington, NC. It's beautiful there. Right on the water, classic town. Lot's of things to do. However there is a lot of tourism down there especially with college kids durin spring break and during the summer since it's so closse to the beach.

  • Live in greater Los Angeles, close enough to catch the Rose Bowl Parade every January & to West Hollywood to hit the clubs (when we aren't feeling old & tired).

    Only thing I hate is the cost of living & the fact that even with a VA loan, my wife & I can't afford a house out here. LA county pays a higher sales tax (I think it's almost 10%? Correct me if I'm wrong) on everything purchased out here.

    Culture & Politcal environment are good. I don't feel afraid in the neighborhood, even after some punk kids broke into my wife's car in Novemeber (chased him down & 5-0's response time was surprisingly fast). Lots of things to do, like Shakespear in the Park,old movies played for free at certain locations outside, events for the kids. Public transportation isn't the best (comparing it to where I was born & raised back east), but it's doable.

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    I live in Toronto. I like that I can get places easily with the subway and buses, but I hate the rushed busy feeling. We have what we call the "GTA (greater toronto area) walk". Everyone walks pretty much as fast as they can to get where they are going and dont look or think of anything else. Most people (especially downtown) here live to work, rather than work to live.

    We have a lot of tourist things, like the CN tower but once you live here a while they become rather boring.

    I'd love to move out west to Vancouver, and just be able to feel more relaxed near the water, instead following a rush hour crowd, between buildings, all the time, intent on just making money.

  • I live about 20 minutes from Myrtle Beach, SC, but in NC. It is a very small town with nothing to do, however I have a 9 year old daughter that I can't imagine raising anywhere else. The sense of community is wonderful and it's much safer than a big city.

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  • 3 years ago

    I stay in London, England. i've got been right here 11 years and that i think of my time right that's drawing to an end. it extremely is been an exciting place to stay, regardless of the undeniable fact that it extremely is complicated artwork. it extremely is ridiculously high priced, and it extremely is exceedingly complicated to sort stable and in many circumstances occurring bonds with human beings because of the fact human beings stay so some distance aside. It has its reward, yet i could want possibly to stay in a smaller place. London isn't even a city extremely -- it extremely is a brilliant number of of huge cities squished at the same time. i'm additionally getting uninterested in the aggravation and aggression you get from childrens on public delivery. human beings daren't ask them to coach their tinny cellular-telephone music down because of the fact they're frightened of being stabbed to demise. Knife crime is going bonkers. In April i will a distinctive u . s . a ., to stay there for 3 months. i would be coming lower back to London, yet i will have an interest to be certain whether i would be staying right here or no longer. i in my opinion do no longer understand! i've got confidence anyhow that England is a exceedingly damn neurotic place on the 2d.

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    1 decade ago


    The beautiful scenery, the nice people.


    The lack of people that I can relate to. The lack of relationship material. And my nearest major city is so far that all I can ever really hope for is the odd casual sex. And I'm not even getting that.

    Sigh. Today has been a long week. I'm in my local drinking away my sorrows :)

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    I love the coast of Maine. Seagulls alone are worth the price of admission! And Portland is an enormously entertaining small city. However, Maine's state government drives me crazy! In what financial fantasy world is having the state as your biggest employer an even remotely healthy choice--economically speaking?

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    I live in Madison, Alabama, right in the Southern Bible Belt! Pretty much everyone here is Christian, but they are totally hypocritical! Winters are cold and humid, so it sinks in and hurts. Summers are ridiculously hot and humid. There is virtually no entertainment except our malls, theatres, and Dublin park with two pools.

    In conclusion: I hate it with a passion!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well..firstly,I live in Asia--Middle East--Oman---Sur!!

    The country itself is so unknown that I sometimes feel ashamed of telling it and I bet,you hadn't have heard its name till now!!

    So,as its Arab,its hot here all over the year,that's the first thing I dislike,then this town is also called sometimes the "Sleepy Town".....Omg!!..Can you believe that??I hope that tells you so much about this place,then..there are also no gay bars here at all!! ;(

    So,I get to meet very less gays!!


    I bet,that the place I live in is the worst one...on Y!A..and even in the world,but there's only one thing nice about this,and that is,its very calm,quite and peaceful here!!


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    Well were i live in Merritt Island, Florida, it's quiet peaceful. But even if it's a small place it's to big to walk anywhere. I want to live in a place were you can walk to places instead of cars. Like the UK for instance :]

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