Do you have any quick and easy Ideas for a breakfest menu ?

I need some ideas for a (coffee shop) breakfest menu. Im limited to useing a Toaster oven,Microwave,and a sandwich maker.I need something simple,yet creative and good , to lure in the customers and keep them comeing back for more.So people will "spred the word" and buisness will pick up. This is an Espressoo Shop and there is no drive through only walk in.And people dont like to hassel with gettein out of their car(unless its for something good to go ! Buisness is good at lunchtime ,but not breckfest time. So can you helpwith any ideas ? I can only pick one answer,so I want to thank everyone right now,for your answers. THANK YOU !

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    I hat to say it, but you will have to upgrade your equipment in order to make some very original stuff. Maybe a small griddle for some pancakes or you could start making some omelets. With so little Equipment, there is not much you can do other than maybe bagels, toast, bagel sandwiches or things like that. A couple waffle irons wont take up much space and people love waffles. with a small griddle, you can start serving pancakes or even create a small menu

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    Lil bit of butter on a toast,slice of ham ,some pineapple and the some cheese. Put it in the oven till cheese is melted.

    Super easy,cheap n quick!

    'Hawaiian' sandwich thats what we call them even though i dont think they eat those sandwiches in Hawaii

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    Egg bacon and cheese on a toasted bagel. They make microwavable bacon, so there you go. Or Egg and cheese panini with that sandwhich maker.

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    with the sandwich maker copy subway, quiznos and blimpies sandwich ideas. theyll taste good on square bread too.

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    put some jam




    ketchup? (i think its gross, but a lot of people think its tasty)


    milk, rice, and sugar


    assortment of fruits




    easy frozen waffles

    or if you are in a rush,

    granola bars are great! i reccomend fiber one bars (delish!)

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    you could maybe offer oatmeal

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