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how to get rid of back arm baby fat ?

im 14 yrs old. and i really really really want my arm to be thin. please help me. and can it be rather than dumbells.. because i play guitar. please help. i barely have two months for this.. thanks a lot!

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    As the experts suggest, the best option to get rid of your arm fats are the 'single-joint movements'; for instance curls & triceps kick-backs. These sorts of exercises stress directly on the bicep & tricep muscles and hence firm them up more quickly. It would be interesting to mention here that the triceps muscles that are at the back of our arm formulate around two-thirds of the arm size. Hence, it is most advisable to work towards toning up the same.

    One of the best solutions to how to lose arm fat is by doing jumping jacks. This sounds ridiculously easy and simple, but it actually works! This is because it is using a lot of muscles in your body and energy therefore helping you reach your goal. The only thing you have to make sure you do is consistency.

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    Umm, i do no longer see any fat under Sarah Michelle Gellars palms.. in any respect. yet besides.. exercising consultation actually facilitates lots, exceedingly capability education (IE, lifting weights and utilising weight machines). additionally, swimming is likewise a brilliant exercising consultation for the palms, too. good success!

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    You could take a kickboxing class! There fun, they teach you to defend yourself and you'll gain muscles everywhere. Especially in your arms! :-) Or a punching bag would suffice. :-)

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    if at all possible, you could stop playing guitar for a while. idk

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