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how to ship my dog from philippines going to USA? my dog has no any papers and how to get a paper for my dog?

pls help me about my problem i need you help ASAP! how to ship my dog from philippines going to usa? my dog has no any papers? how to get a paper for my dog ?tanks SAM

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    First thing to do is enquire re the US Embassy re the site or info re dogs going to the USA and what is required.You will not need an Export pedigree as you own the dog and presume it is going with you or sent to a friend..l know the rules in my Country but US is a little different they are a Little more lax then mine.Normally you n eed to have your dog well immunized and have a clear rabies shot as l think you are a rabies Country,check on that as it means quite a long wait l may be wrong re the rabies but check anyhow.

    Normally you will need the appropriate documentation from the appropriate vet wwhich are usually not ordinary vets but ones recognized BY the Country the dog is going to and he has to sign the clear certificate otherwise your dog cannot go to the USA.

    Source(s): Breeder(40yrs)vet nurse,trainer and Importer of dogs from USA,and Euurope
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    You need to get a health check by a veterinarian to get a certificate stating your dog is healthy enough to travel for one. Then it will need to be quarantined for a month or longer once it gets to the US.

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    touch Delta and survive carry as long at it takes to be certain what the subject is. i assume papers are her wellbeing certificates and vaccine archives. additionally touch your vet and get copies of the papers to be faxed to Delta

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    new regulations insist YOU travel with dog OR a lisensed agent handle dog

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