how to fix a bedroom of a teenage girl?

she loves color yellow, black and violet. she loves pictures and colorful things. she has a cabinet, 2 drawers, one side table, a single-sized bed and a LOT of clothes. a two-storey shelf is stuck? (is this the right term ) on the wall. she has a hamper and full body mirror also (stucked) on the wall. hehe. i hope you could help. really need it. thanks. :)

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    the combination of light yellow and violet can be really good.. get her a bed in favorite cartoon character if she likes any doing it in the colors she likes... get the room decorated with colors lights and stars on the cielings..they look great at night with the lights off

    on her dresser put some photoframes with family photos.. get some nice colored boxes for jewelry and other items.. get her some posters in nice colors and have the room painted in pale yellow or lime color or violet and lavander.. it would look great... get a nice rug to match the bed cover

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    Firstly tidy it up and get rid of anything that needs binned.

    Change the colour scheme, bed linen, curtains. I'd go for yellow walls and maybe make feature wall violet. Throw in black accessories or use black paint to give other items a new look.

    There are lots of funky storage boxes around and they don't need to be expensive.

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    Okay, well honestly im a 14 year old girl. i think you should ask her, or let her do it herself.( with yalls help of course.) i would love to decorate my own room.

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    check out adding decal to your wall would look super cute!!! its for cars but would look great on your wall...

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