Why does sugar free gum have a calorie count?

Sugar free gum has a calorie count listed. Gum is not "eaten" it is chewed. The saliva is swallowed not the gum. My thought is that you expend more calories chewing the gum since it is not eaten.

Just wondering....

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    You still absorb calories. When you eat celery, your body actually burns more calories to send the celery through your system than it absorbs from the celery. So basically, celery has negative calories, but it wouldn't say that 1 oz of celery has -15 calories or something like that. It only gives the amount in the actual product.

    Also, it doesn't matter whether or not you swallow it. Just think of chewing tobacco. People that chew don't swallow (generally), they spit it out instead. However, there are still harmful substances that are absorbed through the mouth that go into the bloodstream.

    On another note, would you say that fried chicken only has calories if you eat it?

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    Sugar Calorie Count

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    I don't think it's necessary to count the calories from the sugar free gum because you're probably burning up those calories just by chewing the gum or talking and chewing at the same time.

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    well the gum losses flavor after awhile right that's because that flavor has calories and when it goes away it is going into you. so that is why it has calories. hope i helped.

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    No brilliance could be availed for fruit over vegetable or viceversa..

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