Atheists, have you ever loved anybody unconditionally?

Christians believe that God is Love. And when anybody experience loving somebody who does not deserve to be loved, somebody who does not have the capacity to love him back, somebody from whom you cannot expect any thing good in return, then the presence of God is in him enabling him to love perfectly. Could this be a proof of God's existence?

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    God is real and He is good.

    Anyone who wants to debate with me personally can.

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    Are you saying that you have the ability to love someone unconditionally and I do not? Those words don't sit well with me, sorry, pal. I seriously beg to differ. You've made a lot of unverifiable assumptions.

    This doesn't prove anything about God because you start by believing that "God is love" and therefore presumably real and then you try to use that to prove that God is real. You're going in a circle, spinning your wheels going nowhere. That's why it's called circular reasoning.

  • No this is not a proof of god's existence. Human's have a great capacity for love (and hate). Does not prove that there is a god.

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    Christians do not believe in love. Look at history, look at this board do you feel love coming from them? Their love is a selfish love promoting only their fragile attempts to prove they are in their God's will.

    I am an atheist and I accept everyone unconditionally. When I do love I love unconditionally. When you compare the biblical examples of the love of your god my love is more pure and real. You don't have to try and prove I exist.

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  • 4 years ago

    There are tons of wonderful literature and media to fantasize on this subject, but the warning label reads"....put your faith in no man...". In the perfect world you might find a temporary relationship that has all the chemistry, but nothing on the planet is unconditional. There are conditions and boundaries. No two people think the same or can't control each others thoughts. The hope is you can find someone to share your days with that you can be compatible and comfortable with.

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    I love my boyfriend unconditionally, I love my dog and cats unconditionally. No this doesn't prove the existence of God. It proves that my boyfriend and I have worked at our relationship over the years to get to the point where we can love each other unconditionally and that my dog and cats are innocent enough to not provoke conditions on my love for them.

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    Most parents can answer this question in the affirmative. Even the atheist ones.

    I'm not sure how a human emotion proves the existence of any god.

    ADDED: Don't Christians also believe that god killed almost all of creation in a flood, and that god killed all of the firstborns in Egypt? It's hard for me to reconcile love and murder.

  • Alex R
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    1 decade ago

    Yes I have loved my father unconditionally, even after I wasn't dependent on him. So that isn't real proof.

    Love is an emotion like any other: like sadness or anger. In other words, people make it supernaturalm because we can't justify when its lost.

  • H.u.S
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    "Love me or I'll throw you into hell for eternity"

    Doesn't sound very unconditional. I'm not incapable of love, but at the very least I do need to be able to have positive evidence for the existence of someone I'm supposed to love. You know, something a little more substantial than a thousand year old book filled with contradictory nonsense.

  • 1 decade ago

    I am not a parent at the moment, but I know in my heart that whenever I become one, I'll love my children no matter what. I'll probably become an alcoholic if they become a fundamentalist Christian, but I'll still love em. Unconditional love has nothing to do with anything supernatural.

  • 1 decade ago

    to answer your question yes I have loved people unconditionally like my parents, and no that does not mean that God exists.

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