Is there a way to play Ruckus music files or remove DRM without renewing the license?

Like many other college students, I use to use the Ruckus music player when suddenly they shut down, rendering all of my music files useless because most of my songs weren't renewed.

I know that there are ways to remove the protection so that you can listen to them like any other mp3 file, but it seems that you need to actually be able to play the song first and just re-record it (something called fairview I think does this).

Can anyone help?

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    I could be wrong, but really don't think its possible. I unfortunately am in the same boat with the ruckus service going down. My understanding of the way the DRM Removal programs have worked has been: Program collects the DRM keys once the program has access to them (meaning you must play the song for a second or so) and then uses the keys to strip the DRM out of the file. You can't play the song without first connecting to the ruckus server to renew the license. Since the server is down, i don't think its possible to recover the lost music. I could be wrong though, there might be some other way to do it that i haven't heard of. I also tried using the DRMremover tool mentioned above and got an 'authentication error'. Just letting anyone else know, who might be curious.

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    I am distraught over this myself! My plan was to start removing all my Ruckus DRMs this very week, but over the weekend I obviously discovered my service was no longer available. And I thought at first it was because I had just graduated in December (even though I thought that would be dumb when my college email still works for now). Now I have tons of music I desperately want to be able to play and now just take up hard disk space.

    As far as I know, there is currently no available solution now that we can't open and play the files at all in the first place. I'm contemplating whether to hold on to the files in case one arises, or to just get back the much-needed space.

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