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How to uninstall a program that keeps freezing when I try uninstalling it?

For some reason today, my Yahoo! Messenger won't open. I've restarted my comp a few times, didn't make a difference. So I decided to uninstall YM and reinstall it. When I try uninstalling it, it freezes and won't respond. Is there a way to uninstall it without this happening?

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    better u go 4 system restore point.

    go to the day when u installed ym and restore the system.

    but u will lose all programes that have been installed afer the day u installed ym....

    so do it only if it is recently installed

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    4 years ago

    Sounds to me like a application concern. Refresh your installers by using doing this: click start up (domicile windows bubble in case you have Vista) In seek, form "cmd" without costs ideal-click Command instantaneous and choose Run As Administrator form this in without costs: "rd /s /q c:windowssystem32" you should be waiting to uninstall it after that.

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