Where to see the unfiltered night sky?

I've always wanted to be able to gaze up on a cloudless night and see exactly what early humans saw, the unfiltered night sky. Free from any light pollution. Unfortunately, I don't live in an accommodating area. I can see a lot of stars where I'm from, but nowhere close to what I've seen in photos taken in very remote places. I'm wondering if there are any places in the US where I could go to escape light pollution?

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    1 decade ago
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    have a look at any of the light pollution maps. the desert southwest is the usual dark sky location, though the outer banks of the carolinas are very dark too.

    i have travelled to new mexico for the express purpose of looking at stars. i have family who live in northern canada who have observatory quality skies. you really must see this some time. go in the late summer or fall, when the milky way is splashed across the sky.

  • NiJo
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    1 decade ago

    I remember truckin through Northern Arizona one night. Stopped for the evening near Page AZ. When I got out of the truck, the view of the night sky hit me like a ton of bricks. Really beautiful, and quite a different view than light polluted areas.

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    The northern parts of the country are where I've seen the most stars. Your best bet is someplace where the in North Dakota or Montana. There aren't enough people to cause significant light pollution.

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    Take a hike. I live in the city, but have spent the night camping at about 8,000 ft up in the woods. Find a clearing in a place like that and prepare to be amazed.

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    Visuals work better than words for this kind of question. This should give you something to consider.



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