A question for moms with little boys?

Do you ever get frustrated when your trying to buy clothes and things like that for a little boy? Just about every store I have been into they have a huge girls section and a small boys section back in the corner, with limited things to choose from. Around here we don't have a babies-r-us or a children's place, so I have to go to Goody's, wal-mart, k-mart, JC penny etc... so I find it hard to shop for my son, even with the bigger items, like swings and stuff... I found a really cute pink one, I asked the clerk do you have this in blue or yellow or something, and she said nope only pink, it's like geez, there are little boys too. So my son pretty much wears jeans and a t-shirt everyday, it's even hard to find dressy clothes I think. Does anything else have this problem... I'm not trying to offend moms with girls, because I know if I ever have a little girl I will go crazy buying stuff, but sometimes it so hard to find something cute for my son out of the 2 racks that I have to choose from.


yeah I have to agree with everything being sports... its like what ever happened to patterns? If I find a simple polo, or something that doesn't have some form of ball or super hero on it, I jump to buy it!

Update 2:

I forgot to mention, I went to a shoe store one time, and they had to try girl shoes on my son and order boy shoes... because they didn't have the boy shoes in stock, not to cute ones that is.

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    AMEN! I thought I was the only mom with a little boy that felt this way! No, it's not you either. It is so hard to find things that are not tacky looking- I mean good grief, how many pieces of clothing do boys need with a truck, dinosaur or stupid cartoon face on them?! It drives me up the wall trying to find decent little play outfits and some dressier ones for my son all the time. Even though I live in a bigger area where we have oodles of stores around us from malls to chains like Target and the like it's still hard.

    Things I find that work a little better:

    Walmart- I get Garanimals for play clothes. They aren't expensive and wash up well. They are nice for summer because I've found some cute looking little shirts in solids, stripes and shorts to match for playing outside in summer time.

    Target- I like for sweat pants in cooler weather because they always have great colors and prices for toddler and boys on those. I also love the little polo shirts and sweaters for boys there.

    For pants I like a combination of Children's Place (online sometimes has better deals from them), Osh Kosh outlets (I only get to go to that if I am going North to visit my side of the family because there are several on the way and have amazing prices!), Target or Walmart. I look for things like blue jeans, khakis, navy blue, and solid basic colors that are easy to mix up with things. I buy about 6-8 pairs a year each season for my son.

    For dress clothes I use Childrens place or Target on line. They seem to have some really cute dress up things like sweaters, shirts, dress pants etc..

    Shoes are the worst for me because they are either all girly (adorable, but girly) or just not his size when I find something in a decent style. It's impossible on a shoe buying trip for my son. When I find decent shoes I tend to stock up on 3-4 pairs at a time. Two that he can wear right away and two more in bigger sizes to put up so I can save myself some hassle. The best buys I've found on shoes lately have been through Walmart or Target. If you go end of season at Walmart you can get some fabulous deals, but you have to look- and dig. I found leather penny loafers for my son that were regularly $25 and I got them on end of season clearance for $5 at Walmart back in November.

    For swim wear I go to Target every year. They have really cute boys trunks and swim gear for kids that lasts well through the season and washes up great. I just love it. They are starting to put out a few things for summer now where I am.

    Rest assured you're not the only mom though with boy clothing issues. There are plenty of us in the same boat!

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    I experienced this with my first 11 and a half years ago and was hoping it was going to change when we found out our forth was going to be a boy. Ever outfit I was given had some form of sports equipment on them. I even tried to get some boy's non sports material to make some burp cloths and there was only a very small section of one shelf but there were at least 4 shelves of girly print or solids

    I even had a hard time finding a halloween costume for my then 1 year old there were tons of princesses,faeries, dora, pink bunnies and even pink skeletons. There was super hero costumes but in size 4 and up my oldest son was going to be a skeleton and wanted his brother to be one too and we couldn't wind one that wasn't pink. I hate the stores I have around here.

    I have how ever found a better not great but better selection of little boys cloths at our once upon a child (resale shop )

    I got my son a plain blue long sleeve dress shirt and and black dress plants there for about $8.00 for the pair.

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    Yep there's almost nothing for boys where I live. It's a small town with very few stores. I really miss living in a bigger city for that reason. You can find so many more cute things in the the stores there. I find I get most all my son's clothes at Kohls or walmart. Also I like to dress my son very preppy and it is so difficult with the clothes that are out now. With my daughter I barely have to walk in the section before I start noticing cute clothes and with boys it's like you have to sift through everything!

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    YES! I have the exact same issue! Being a mom to a girl and a boy i've really noticed the difference. And, have you also noticed that there will be TONS of girl stuff in the clearance section and next to nothing for boys? It's like boys stuff never goes on sale either!

    My daughter's closet is full of clothes and she also has a dresser which is overflowing, but my son's closet still has room to spare and I haven't had to invest in a dresser yet for him, which shows how hard it is to find and afford nice things for him!

    I can get my daughter a nice dressy outfit on sale for about $5.00 at Wal-Mart...but if I try and find anything for my son it will cost at least triple that amount!

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    I know exactly how you feel! The only cute clothes out there are from the Gap or some other totally outrageously expensive place! I try to stock up when I go to an outlet mall or find sales. Also, I get so frustrated with the theme of little boys clothes! They are all the same color and are sports, trains or dogs. UGH! Can we just have some regular clothes?!! I am the oldest of three girls and between all of us, we have FIVE boys and ONE girl! HA! HA! She is totally spoiled too and we all want to buy her clothes all the time.

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    I have a little girl, but I feel like they usually have a very large boys section. But, in the boys section its a whole bunch of the same thing. Polos with khakis in a million different colors or with different sports on it. Tshirt and short sets with dinosaurs and sports and bugs and stuff. You find very little cothing that an older boy would wear shrunk down to a baby size. I'm expecting and don't know if it will be a boy or girl but I've been looking at boy clothes. I LOVE little sweater vest sets and polos and khakis, but other than that I don't really like boy clothes.

    H&M and has great clothes for little boys and looks like what a teenager would wear only shrunk down. But if you don't have babies r us and children's place, your local mall might not have H&M. Anyway, you should check and see because their clothes are awesome and while the prices are high they have great sales ($3, $5, and $10!)

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    Yes! It is much easier for me to buy for my girls than for my boys. Everyone thinks that moms only want to dress our girls up like baby dolls, but I have just as much fun with my boys :)

    The, when I do buy boys clothes they're all SPORTS! I don't mind sports, but it is annoying for that to be all I can find. We also live in a small town, so we don't have any nice baby stores around here. We're pretty much limited to Wal-Mart and Stage.

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    I know how you feel. I get so frustrated when I go shopping for my son and I can't even see the one rack of boy clothes for the sea of pink. The only place I have found where it is equal is at The Children's Place. Half the store is boy clothes and half is girl clothes.

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    I'm expecting a little boy and I've noticed the same thing! The girls have cute clothes with a million racks to choose from, then the boys section has a few racks with not so cool stuff on them...

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    I thought that when my son was first born, but I'm slowly finding walmart is getting a larger selection for boys. I found him a suit there and was very surprised. Now every time I go I see a whole bunch of dressy outfits.

    I would go to the customer service counter at walmart and complain. They won't know to bring in more boy clothing unless they hear the demand from the customers.

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    I just wanted to hop on and suggest you check out online stores like crazy 8 for boy clothing. They have amazing prices (like 2.99 for something that costs 15 at baby gap and its good quality) and really cute stuff (very similar to old navy). For more dress up clothing I'd also suggest the children's place! But I agree, there are always huge girl areas and almost nothing for boys.

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