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Can a foreigner claim lotto prize in the Philippines?? ?

I was just trying my luck with this 6/42 lotto here in the Philippines, it costs around 20 cents , 10 pesos and the winning jackpot was like 9 million or something , i got 4 numbers correct and i won like 500 pesos, I do not know anybody in the Philippines, so I have not claimed my prize. I am curious , I checked in the PCSO website , they do not have any law stating , a foreigner cannot play lotto. Well, I do not know, I would appreciate if anybody would tell me. I would claim that prize and eat some filipino lechon manok. lol

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    You won a minor prize. You can claim your prize at any lotto outlet. Just present your ticket and the teller will give you your prize. You can bet again if you want, If you win the jackpot, you need to claim your prize at the main office. You already been to the website so you know where to find it - but in your case, you don't need to go there.

    Source(s): I'm a Lotto outlet owner myself
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    Yes, this is a minor prize. You can keep on playing and winning all you want in the Philippines. Claim it at any Lotto outlet - you can find them all around the Philippines.

    This amount is only $10.00, and PhP 500.00 won't suffice for a whole Filipino lechon manok! :)

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    Anyone can claim a lotto prize with a winning ticket.

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