If gays got married, what would happen?

I've never heard a halfway decent reason to oppose letting it happen. I'm asking in the religion section, because it's mainly Christians who are fighting it tooth and nail.

PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND: I don't want scripture quotes in your answer, and I don't want to hear about how gay sex makes your god cry. I want a VALID SECULAR CONSEQUENCE that would arise from allowing homosexuals to marry. And I would appreciate some detail. Don't give me, "It'll destroy the American family", or anything like that. If you want to say something like that, go into detail explaining how/why. I also don't want to hear "It'll turn children gay", that's just propaganda cooked up by fundamentalists.

Looking forward to your answers.


-Edit- Thanks to the people who keep saying nothing would happen, I know that already lol. I want a Christian to give me a non-religious consequence. As far as I'm concerned, any religious reason isn't good enough, because not everyone is religious.

@ Whoever asked "Why should the definition change?" Let me ask YOU something; Since when do we let dictionaries dictate our lives? Last time I checked, new definitions are always added and old definitions are changed as society progresses.

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    Many Christians have the idea that their Church will be forced to perform homosexual marriages.

    I know that's the craziest idea you've ever heard, but most of them honestly believe it.

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    Well first off people like Steve N need to get over the idea that marriage was created by God, it was not. Secondly, the idea of having a different name.....uh excuse me, but why should I. What most Christians fail to understand is that it is we gays who have more right to the word marriage than they do. The word and ceremony thereof was/is actually pagan and more specifically, ROMAN!

    Marriage, the word, is derived from the latin (Roman) word marito -are [to marry , give in marriage]; of vines, [to bind to a tree, to train]. This is important to note because Marito (Marriage) was performed commonly for both same sex and opposite sex couples. The Catholic Church co-opted both the ceremony and name as their own thanks to Constantine's conversion of the empires religion to Christianity.

    Thus Marriage became opposite sex only. So when you hear a Christian or other declare "Marriage" was created by God and that it is 5000 years old, look them straight in the face and tell them the facts.

    I make this point because there are no valid arguments against it and figured a history lesson was in order as to why it doesn't matter.

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    As far as I am concerned there will Never be a Valid reason why Gays shouldn't be allowed to marry.

    In rebuttal to Jeff S...

    1) In actuality you will find that nature is full of same sex partners....

    2) Being Gay is Not a choice, you either are or you're not....

    3) Define "Crazy Behavior"...

    4) Marriage means something different to each couple, you will probably never find a couple where there aren't some variations...

    5) Love should be the most important reason for someone to choose to Marry....

    6) There are alot of "Straight" marriages that do not produce children, either by happen stance, or design....

    7) I personally know several ppl that are "gay" and have straight children....

    8) What ever happened to "Separation of Church and State"?

    9) My children had only me as a role model for most of their lives... and they turned out to be very productive members of society.

    10) Life is about change, without it we will stagnate and die....

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    There will be natural disasters! After all, there have never been any before - ever. Therefore it must be god's will.

    Dogs and cats will start co-habitating, and will also demand the right to marry.

    The "Will & Grace" theme will replace the "Star-Spangled Banner' as national anthem.

    If gays are allowed to marry, then marriage will no longer be a sole trademark in the hands of Christianity! Oh, wait - it never was.

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    Perhaps the worst that would happen is an alteration in the divorce statistics. Maybe they would go down, since it seems same-sex relationships are at least as stable -- if not more so -- as "traditional" marriages. So why would that be a bad thing?

    Gay should be allowed to marry. They have as much right to be miserable as the rest of us.

    Religion needs to grow up, get its mind out of the gutter, and stop peeking into the bedrooms of consenting adults.

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    I personally support gay marriage, because I believe marriage is a commitment of love. But anyway...on to a secular reason...


    Employers don't want to have to pay insurance for spouses of gays because that increases the amount of money they have to spend for dependent coverage that they don't currently have to spend.

    I think this is a rather spurious reason, because married heterosexual couples typically have children, whereas most gay couples would not. But it's the main secular reason for opposing gay marriage that I've heard.

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    Maybe they'd be happy?

    Isn't there something in the Declaration of Independence about everyone having the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?"

    L S: Sexually transmitted disease prevalence in adults (age 15-49) is highest amongst heterosexual couples.

    World Health Organization and the United Nations Human Development Report, 2007

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    Canada was the third country to legalize gay marriage, behind Denmark, and I forget what other country. Nothing happened. We will have to wait a while for the divorces to start rolling in. Over half of straight marriages end in divorce, so it is just a matter of time.

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    I would still preach the Gospel, and let everyone else worry about things that I don't worry about. Jesus told me what a Christian is; and He didn't mention anything about the politics of this day that I am aware of. The sun will rise, flowers will bloom, life will go on, but I will trust in the Lord.

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    If gays got married, gays would be married. There is the tautological and obvious answer to yout question.

    As for a more concrete consequence of gay marriage; I would be able to watch the news without being a little depressed that the supposed "land of the free" is not granting a basic human freedom to members of it's population just because their sexuality different from what is considered the norm.

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    Other than fundies spontaneously combusting, nothing. Look at Canada. Look at US states where gay marriage is legal. Look at Europe. No social upheaval, no claims of "the sanctity of marriage" being undermined.

    Karl P: It doesn't work that way. Come on over for a nice cuppa and I'll disabuse you of such ridiculous fundie thinking.

    L S : So, you think gay marriage is only about sex? Sadly, your way of thinking is all too common. (And straight sex carries the possibility of health problems, too.)

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